Short Stories

It all started when I was flipping through the pages of my favorite novel 'Pride and Prejudice' while sitting in a library with stacks of books lined sequentially. I  Read More...
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Wrong time, wrong person
By Varsha in Stories
You are my sun shine my dear love. you were there when nobody was with me to lift up me. i didn't the love you shower upon me is a true one because the days are like  Read More...
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To My Micky
Once upon a time, there was a very shy boy.. who's going to the market for some work.. !!!.. While Walking towards... a short lane.. . ... he noticed an elegant, ver  Read More...
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Unknown Tales Of Love
एक ऐसे काॅलेज कि कहानी, जो प्रेम को काॅलेज कि दिवारों में दफन कर  Read More...
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college love
                                      Any relationship between couples, parents, and children, siblings, friends, or colleague  Read More...
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the wind was blowing so sofly, dashing against the curtains of my window, making it twirl and twist. I was sitting here in my chair, holding this coffee mug, feeling  Read More...
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Coffe mug
By sangya in Stories
In a world where 'i like you' is not at all a prerequisite to 'i love you', I genuinely, just want to be your friend. I want to be a friend whose number is on your s  Read More...
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Just a friend
By Avni Nangia in Stories
Love!! And when I talk about love it is always True Love. The only form of love I believe in.There may be feelings of fondness, infatuation, compassion, smitten, pro  Read More...
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True Love is DIVINE
By R.shi in Stories
"Life is the story of mysteries, anything can happen in life. So always be prepared for it, don't fall, just wear out a bit of false pride and ego, and you are there  Read More...
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Are you listening us
The Horrifying Halloween Day!!!   BY: ARYA MANJRE… INDEX                                    Chapter 1: Visiting Granny…   It was on the   Read More...
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The Horrifying Halloween Day!!!
"She says that she wants a truthful answer from me whether I love her or not. I don't know how to say that I love her. I don't know the exact way or words to say 'I   Read More...
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From his perspective
                                 What is the best that you are capable of giving to the World? I have a simple answer to that questi  Read More...
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I count her days with the fallen petals of the scarlet clock vine. So far, 4 days since I last held her. It's hard to tell if the flowers remind me of her smell or i  Read More...
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Her Scarlet Flowers
By Vallaree Arya in Stories
Anti-social being will have to hang his head in shame in the palace of God. The demoniac know not what to do and what to refrain from; neither purity, nor right co  Read More...
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Antisocial Being
                                                                 The True Lover           
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