Nahi hu
By Yachika Prajapati in Poetry | Reads: 99 | Likes: 0
Published on Aug 26,2020 08:25 PM
शिला लेख में तू होगा
By Ambuj kumar Srivastav in Poetry | Reads: 192 | Likes: 1
शिला लेख में ख़ुद  ख़ुद कर  मै नाम तुम्हारा ख़ुद  अपने संग मै रख लूंगा इतिहास अगर मेरा होगा  तो शिला  में तू ह  Read More...
Published on Aug 26,2020 10:17 PM
तेरी क्रतिम मुस्कान
By Ambuj kumar Srivastav in Poetry | Reads: 152 | Likes: 1
सारे आंसू मेरे आंखो से  मेरी जान ही करतूतों के सरा ज़हर ज़माने भर का  मेरे ही आंखो से निकला  भीगी है यदि मेरी आंख  Read More...
Published on Aug 26,2020 10:33 PM
Radiate Hope
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 136 | Likes: 2
Radiate Hope Hope is a great thing that really works Only if you get hard jerks May be sunny or gloomy the path Still you remember the simple math Willingly you calculate life your way Think and behave with a hope to say Hold on the line, we shall overcome One of the most beautiful unity sum Initiat  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2020 02:28 PM
Ehsan nahi pyar chaiye
By NB in Poetry | Reads: 88 | Likes: 1
Na janeh tanaha kyu hu,  Pyar hi mangha tha,  Na jane tu kab samjegeh  Sirf ekrar hi toh karna tha,  Waqt ke is mod peh bhi ekla hi hu,  Bus tumse waqt hi toh mangha tha  Ehsan karke kya jantana chate ho  Sirf ek bar pyar karke toh dekhana tha ,  Meh tuje kabh  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2020 03:17 PM
Dear self
By Anjali in Poetry | Reads: 168 | Likes: 0
Dear self, Sorry for neglecting your inner voice & always doubting on your right choice. Sorry for crushing your heart again and again  & molding your happiness into the pain. Sorry for not leaving even a single chamber of your heart to love you & bothering you to be caged in a sc  Read More...
Published on Aug 27,2020 05:28 PM
By Mridula Singh in Poetry | Reads: 151 | Likes: 0
संकल्प यह कठोर चट्टानों से टकरा जाए,किन्तु ना कण - कण टूटे।यह मन मंथन की परिणति का उपहार,अमृत समान झर-झर फूटे। यह दिन   Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2020 12:20 PM
Check your Words
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 131 | Likes: 2
Check your Words Words have dazzling power to shape our results A few are really touching and essential Combination of sounds and letters Infusion of situations and fitters Look at what works, check your words.  Wonders! If used consciously and intelligently Enters the way you are, gently Silen  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2020 02:51 PM
By Tejaswinee Roychowdhury in Poetry | Reads: 89 | Likes: 0
I found myself standing,In a cave with no light.So I started running,And tumbling in the quiet.After a lifetime,I made it to a skylight.But I couldn't climb out,No matter how hard I tried.I wanted to run further,But it was a dead-end.I looked around helplessFor a foe or a friend.I must have heard vo  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2020 08:09 PM
ये जो तुम सबको अपना कर बैठे हो....
By Anuj Subrat in Poetry | Reads: 93 | Likes: 1
ये  जो  तुम  सबको  अपना  कर  बैठे  हो तुमको  मालूम  नही  तुम  बहुत  बुरा  कर  बैठे  हो इश्क़ को जो  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2020 08:11 PM
Not your Door
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 137 | Likes: 2
Not your door Too much full you are going on right Not much away from your thoughts bright Excitement for opening the door Roaring life is now getting bored Unfortunately it's not your door Unnecessarily knocking at what's not  Create that wonderful person who bow to the source It's fragility i  Read More...
Published on Aug 28,2020 09:59 PM
Happiness Within
By madhvee in Poetry | Reads: 78 | Likes: 0
Sitting here inhunched grey pyjamasrows of books infront of mesearching forthe perfect wordI am not poetnor I want become onewithin the unsaida hazy memory shinesMorning, up with cravingsBut have to stay insidewithin the chordslyrics make a way through nightMorning, my feet touch the groundMy ears a  Read More...
Published on Aug 29,2020 01:00 PM
अपना कहे जाते है
By Saima Anwer in Poetry | Reads: 663 | Likes: 2
हर किसी से कहे भी नहीं जातेजज़्बात वो बिन लिखे रहे भी नहीं जाते सुनता कौन है यहाँ किसी कीमतलब की डोर सेसब बन्धे चले   Read More...
Published on Aug 29,2020 04:56 PM
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 143 | Likes: 3
Super-weird All right if the world thinks me super-weird I choose to be happily weird, it's okay Just a point of view which makes difference Depending upon the varieties of sense Let's have the topic of weirdness At least once in awhile it spread happiness People are absolutely involved in weirdo ta  Read More...
Published on Aug 29,2020 10:16 PM
By Sharan in Poetry | Reads: 184 | Likes: 1
Choti si hai zindagi, Jee bhar ke bita lo, Shaunk sabhi palo, Par aadat kisi ki na daalo........   Read More...
Published on Aug 30,2020 12:25 AM