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By manpreet kaur in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
Exile Exile for a while  This hostile This hostile  is is not revile Versatile But surely nature is versatile Worthwhile  This stoicism is worthwhile Compile,  Compile all the dirt of negativity and throw away  Fertile Fertile will be the fruit of patience Dial Dial your old  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 06:57 AM
The Clandestine Redemption
By Barsha Priyadarshini Kar in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
Quietude draped the globe ,in its protective robe, God hurled potions of tranquility, Perhaps he conspired to lull his avaricious sapiens to sleep, To sleep and be rejuvinated, To breathe for a while, not gasp, To caress his aching spine, To soften his limbs and contused skin, To treat the gaping ab  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 09:10 PM
By Mira Midha in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
I can only pay this tribute...A Poem....So many have died unseen...muted and overlooked. Now a tribute, respecting their lives too, has to resound for all to hear! While we are battling our fears during this 'Lockdown' there are those who care not for the dread that lurks menacingly in the air.  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 07:43 PM
By Sambuddha Chakraborty in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
I miss those glittery eyes every moment  whenever I see the the great Albatross flatteing its wings in heaven Is it my love?or Was it your console? I miss that fresh paradoxical smile,the smile which can bring a dead person alive, the smile which can change a cold harsh winter into a hearty sp  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 09:39 PM
Don't give up now that you've come so far.
By Raheel in General Literary | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
She feels that dull ache in her heart again; it's been a year now, the sleepless nights and the muddled thoughts are recurring.She's reminded of the day when the counceller told her to jot down ten things that would make her happy. To her surprise, it took her four weeks to realise and come at   Read More...
Published on Apr 27,2020 08:38 PM
By Aashna Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
I Walked a street once, Till down set the sun, And the world screamed, “Run, run, run.”  Run,  Till the corporates win the race, Till the wealth freezes in their rich chambers, Till you’re hiding your face, From all your failed endeavours. Run,  Till the family val  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 06:48 PM
Love and to be loved
By revathy in Romance | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
.Reny was 22 year old and was studying in a medical school.  She was teased by her classmates because of her stammering voice and was overweight and was not attractive .In the same medical school rishabh was studying who is an very fair looking handsome guy..  All girls in the class wanted  Read More...
Published on May 22,2020 12:30 PM
The Earphone Story
By Dolly Sharma in True Story | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
When I met you first time, you were wearing headphone. I had to wave to talk to you and you said : Yes ?. I was just lost in your eyes, I forgotten why I have contacted you. You were again asking, yes ..what you want? You started waving, and said "hello, are you there??.... And I was just wonde  Read More...
Published on Jun 9,2020 08:26 PM
I don't care
By jerilim in True Story | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
     Not a day to remember, but i iemember ur frnd that event 'Treasure hunt' in which u have to find some props that are kept at some places in campus. It's quite a fun and creative game for first yearite engineering students ,after all the two years of IIT naam ka jaap makes u a mag  Read More...
Published on May 12,2020 03:17 AM
By ananya rajak in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
in upheaval storm, she stood strong. chose wrong paths,  relied on ill hearts.  thorns on each step, heart filled with regret. life flipped abruptly, where to go, what to see. brute journey was long, was misled, was wan.  trust on one,  thrusted so long. but she woke up, at the r  Read More...
Published on May 9,2020 07:11 PM
By tarun sharma in Romance | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
How to Treat the One You Love  “Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts.”  To Love and Be Loved “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”  “We can only be said to be alive in those moments wh  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 10:00 AM
Empty Rocks My Cradle
By Delshad Master in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
                            Empty rocked my cradle, O Lord!!! I cried out to thee for help, My heart knew no happiness nor my mind any bliss, You held my hand and bore me a son, My bosom leapt of joy; my soul had made its peace. H  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 11:50 PM
The dull blue thing
By Iram Fatima in General Literary | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
"What is the dull blue thing  you are hiding behind your back?"  You ask me dubiously. I shyly smile and reply, "that's my heart, my dignity, my soul. " "Why are you hiding that?"  I reply to you, Each and every time someone said to me , "Your nose is bit odd shaped." "Your have crook  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 05:46 AM
The Special One
By Priyanka Rajput in Poetry | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
You GONE WITH THE WIND but THE SECRET GARDEN got the desired SENSE AND SENSIBILITY without any PRIDE AND PREJUDICE that THE BOOK THIEF living in the ANIMAL FARM and believes ATLAS SHRUGGED got THE SECRET and THE HELP to flourish THE FOUNTAINHEAD and become THE ALCHEMIST of the soul. You got your FRE  Read More...
Published on Jun 2,2020 06:19 PM
Other side of love
By Neeta Mahawer in Romance | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
Aren't i be But one day i will be Ur X ur Y or Z...   Remembering the seconds we lived we loved, one another Deathless nights, Ceaseless talks, Yearning to fly, Burning so high, Pleasuring sounds, Sweating pounds, Wetted lying on beds...   In scattering pale moonlights I see m  Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 03:50 PM