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Mother’s Day Month
By preeti patil in True Story | Reads: 84 | Likes: 0
Little did I know that this little thing is going to get back the magic in my life. For last three years my attempt since the time I have got married and started living on my own terms I always thought easy things don’t bring change in life but today I was proved wrong with something in the ph  Read More...
Published on May 15,2020 01:50 PM
The Passage of Time
By prithvi sudhindra in General Literary | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
She had innate capabilities and was very good in performing accounting functions like passing journal entries, preparing ledger accounts and drawing up the revenue account and the Balance Sheet.The best part of this was  that at that point of time in history, the accounting system was fully man  Read More...
Published on Apr 16,2020 06:11 PM
By Mira Midha in Poetry | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
I can only pay this tribute...A Poem....So many have died unseen...muted and overlooked. Now a tribute, respecting their lives too, has to resound for all to hear! While we are battling our fears during this 'Lockdown' there are those who care not for the dread that lurks menacingly in the air.  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 07:43 PM
It's all about a fate
By sasna in True Story | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
I dont know how to begin my story.I have been thanking a friend of mine who sends a post pf a cute baby.I like that photo and I commented on that post.There is a beginning of an ideal love with my better half.He is the account holder of that post I've commented.Then he send request to my instagram a  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 10:49 AM
By Smrithi Juanitha in Poetry | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
There is a regret that the mind sows, questioning every good and bad decision you ever made. This regret scourges your thoughts, makes you wonder and imagine stuff. But, what if this regret actually leads you to realizations and truth? What if regret is a way through which God wants you to seek him   Read More...
Published on Apr 26,2020 03:02 PM
I will wait for you
By kinjal jain in Romance | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
I will wait for you  I will wait for you Outside the coffee shop Where we first met Where I saw  And fall in love at first sight  Honestly, I wasn't a love kinda person I was only attracted With the coffees, muffins, hiphops and aromatic flowers But since I'd saw you in that white shi  Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 12:12 PM
Win or lose
By pranitha Reddy in True Story | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
Amid the crisis .... While, few are immersed in fighting the  pandemic .. But .. Few are fighting for food ... Few are fighting to resuce one's life .. Few are fighting to protect someone's life . Few are fighting to save their own Life .. Few are fighting to survive ... ... Reason for one's fi  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 08:13 AM
Bad men
By Siya Maurya in Poetry | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
i dream to be India's daughter before, but i dont want to be anymore.   men  are said to be king, because he   has    cutoff  her  wing. they say, her value is lacking behind, all we need to is to change up our mind.   no one care what's goes next, becaus  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 09:08 PM
Love yourself
By Ashish Nagargoje in General Literary | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
Love yourself and try your best to make your life beautiful, find beautiful colours of moments and memories to make it colorful. When you realize World count starts with yourself, you will believe how important you are and will start to make your ways to reach to destination you have dreamed for. Lo  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 01:03 PM
Three and Half Lilies
By prajwal in Romance | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
7 july 2004, It was perfect day. The smell of first rain was lingering in the air, slight wind ruffling through the fallen leaves and in between the bed created by cherry blossoms lied an upright marble stone with a little slit at the bottom. A soothing music started to play in background. A man wal  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 03:44 AM
By Simar kapoor in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
The subtle mysteries of everyday life The days of innocence , when I was naive It all seemed so bright and blissful When I was a kid so happy and cheerful.  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 07:55 PM
Found perfect relationship
By Lifesays in Romance | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
It looks so strange, when once again I started thinking about someone and felt happy... He came like a light in my life and removed all the darkness I was staying in.. It wasn't easy for me to believe, I actually started living happy. I smile all the time... It's like someone switched my life from n  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 08:13 PM
Should I Be Depressed Of My Road Traffic Accident
By shruti karkare in True Story | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
Depression was a word, which was not there in my dictionary ever, as I am a Physiotherapist, I have treated and counselled and motivated so many patients with various injuries and fractures to resume their life all over again. But the question “Should I Be Depressed Of My Road Traffic Accident  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 05:08 PM
Simply Be
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
Simply Be        Simply be is the only key.     It simply makes me just to write    Makes me download my commitments   The true treasures of hours ahead,    Luminous strengths that never fade   Escalating as a   Read More...
Published on May 8,2020 02:47 PM
The strength of my illness
By Ink and Colours in True Story | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
So was 5th july, 2016. The Date which gives me goosebumps all over my body. The little girl was tied up and attached with the strings of a hospital, which we call it as a Ventilator. At the age of 15, i grew much  older to be a little courageous for the injections, but not that much of a   Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 11:02 PM