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Mend my soul
By Harsh in Romance | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
With all that's left in me now, all this while being utterly invested in you, I felt that the sound of silence is finally giving me a call. Or maybe its persistent calling remained unheard throughout by me. I was not oblivious to the dark dungeon I was entering. The bog I was stepping onto. Couldn't  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 11:37 AM
Drenched bedsheets
By chaithanya vinod in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
1 2 3 4 I love u 5 6 7 8 U mean something  9 10 1 2 I'm sorry I kept counting ,thoughts  And memories crashed like  Waves  He said I'm important But deserted me  In the highway  He said I'm sorry But he pulled my hair, Mercilessly He said forever And left me  I was  Read More...
Published on May 9,2020 01:36 PM
The dull blue thing
By Iram Fatima in General Literary | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
"What is the dull blue thing  you are hiding behind your back?"  You ask me dubiously. I shyly smile and reply, "that's my heart, my dignity, my soul. " "Why are you hiding that?"  I reply to you, Each and every time someone said to me , "Your nose is bit odd shaped." "Your have crook  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 05:46 AM
Fifty years after
By Aysha Naurein in Poetry | Reads: 82 | Likes: 0
Before you be my lover, know this.  I'm flawed, raw, real. I'm flesh and bones. I'm nothing like the girls you screenshot on Instagram.  I'm made up of emotions. I cry freely. But I don't cry in front of just about anyone. And if I do it in front of you, know that I consider you a mirror o  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 04:21 PM
The Clandestine Redemption
By Barsha Priyadarshini Kar in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Quietude draped the globe ,in its protective robe, God hurled potions of tranquility, Perhaps he conspired to lull his avaricious sapiens to sleep, To sleep and be rejuvinated, To breathe for a while, not gasp, To caress his aching spine, To soften his limbs and contused skin, To treat the gaping ab  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 09:10 PM
The paraplegic attack
By Smaranika Sahoo in True Story | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
As usual with a cup of coffee a diary and a pen i sat on my table to jot down my feelings on the paper... Taking a hot sip of coffee i started... "Y....", my hands are not working what happened? .. Again I tried.... "The..." oh damn what happened to my handwriting.. Why am i unable to write a word e  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 02:53 PM
Empty Rocks My Cradle
By Delshad Master in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
                            Empty rocked my cradle, O Lord!!! I cried out to thee for help, My heart knew no happiness nor my mind any bliss, You held my hand and bore me a son, My bosom leapt of joy; my soul had made its peace. H  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 11:50 PM
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Buddha The luminous light of the full moon Reminds us the serenity of Buddha.  Strongly identified, a great obstacle These trying times, a great witness You come alone and you go alone.  Needed the deeper dimensions of life Touch beyond the fear of suffering Your part, must see and handle   Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 04:35 PM
I am pure
By Nancy in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Skipping, running and fooling around, How easy it were, had no bounds.  Ka-boom suddenly jerked by a sound, And I hit puberty more like a wound.  You've grown up" they said and I believed. That could be the only reason why my vagina bleed.  Preparing myself for something which is yet  Read More...
Published on May 15,2020 10:47 AM
By Saravanan Natarajan in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
For hours embedded in arms, frozen into stillness, we broke out with gentle kisses that move mountains in exquisite.  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 02:44 PM
...& it happens
By bbj in Poetry | Reads: 80 | Likes: 0
Life happened... & i realized I was urs, but u weren't mine I knew so less of u, being satisfied   Still wearing ur gifted ring Still wearing ur broken_trust Snapping d nostalgia Wondering how ur "u will" changed to "will u ?"   U were like death Life is incomplete w/o u & Life rem  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 11:08 PM
By ananya rajak in Poetry | Reads: 80 | Likes: 0
in upheaval storm, she stood strong. chose wrong paths,  relied on ill hearts.  thorns on each step, heart filled with regret. life flipped abruptly, where to go, what to see. brute journey was long, was misled, was wan.  trust on one,  thrusted so long. but she woke up, at the r  Read More...
Published on May 9,2020 07:11 PM
By Caren Soans in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
Take a smile all the way, Across the oceans and the bay. When days are good,or even bad, A smile can change your outlook for the sad.   The kind acts you do, Can melt hearts maybe one or two. But the joy that fills you, Is always new.   Take care of the people around, For everyone has some  Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 12:55 PM
A mighty confession
By datta vedpathak in True Story | Reads: 134 | Likes: 1
A mighty confession We, me and my mother were at the hospital for her stomach surgery.At the day we entered there we saw a numerous ladies patients were there for the same.Then my mother said “why God have made this to the woman.’’ We were at her bed resting her and preparing for  Read More...
Published on Jun 4,2020 12:54 PM