Imperfection Life
By Erum in Poetry | Reads: 75 | Likes: 1
Under the deep-rooted tree,   Where people find themselves free Memories and flashbacks, Where tears is the hold up of every throwback. That's life...  and now I recall my genius Father's words..  Neither your kith nor kin, It's only the Lord and your Parents will help you to c  Read More...
Published on Apr 11,2020 03:47 PM
The tale of a musical family
By Abhilaya in Poetry | Reads: 75 | Likes: 0
A caring mother sings to her child, With her calm, gentle and soothing voice. An affectionate father sings to his daughter About the story of his life. A loving husband sings to his wife, With his guitar and lots of love in his eyes. An expressive wife sings to her husband, About her feelings, with  Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 10:26 AM