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Notion Press Singapore Short Story Contest 2017

My Life A Fairytale

By Harkiran Kaur in True Story

I stared at my computer screen wondering what should I write, since I'm a person with many real life experience stories from sad to happy, exciting to unbeliveable and as my thoughts when through my memory bank, I decided to dig up my memory file about my favourite growing up bed times stories and how it has actually became a true story in my life today. If you are wondering what kind of bedtime stories could possibly come true, let me tell you that my favourite stories may not have been other childrens favourite stories back then. I use to read with so much passion and it was all Fairytales. Why wouldn't any child love fairytales, you have an evil king, a prince charming, a sleeping beauty, the fairy who grants wishes and many more fascinating characters. I would immersed in the story that I read and would imagine Im part of the story as I read it. Once, after reading the story of the Wood Cutter and his wife and how they were granted three wishes and how they wasted their three wishes, I would always wait for a fairy to come and visit me and grant me three wishes too but I told myself, I'm going to out smart the fairy and ask for only one wish and will wish " I wish to have a wish everyday of my life" knowing that a wish like that will never make me run out of wishes in my entire life. Guess all the fairies knew that my one wish may just make their wish bank go bankrupt and therefore none ever appeared to me. No doubt, I never saw a fairy even after waiting patiently, but I never gave up hope. I continued to read my fairytales over and over again in different versions. It was like reading a bible for me as I would handle any fairytale books with so much care and will turn the pages carefully to prevent the magic from slipping away.

Tiill the age of ninteen when I finished highschool, it was then I stopped reading fairytales as people around me would think I was childish and I really didn't want my working colleagues to keep away from me because of my craziness for fairytales. I remember once, my cousin came to my country for a visit and as he is from abroad I took him to my hometown library which was rather small and made of wood. The library looked more like a Malay kampung house or a village house rather than a library. Guess what ??? I went staright to the children's section to look for my fairytale books to borrow and when we came back, he had a good laugh telling my family how the shelves were at our chest level and we were the only tall ones looking for books in that section. I was around seventeen years old if I remember when that incident happened and prior to that, I was never really bothered what others thought of me in the library except for that day, he made me feel that I was doing something I shouldn't at my age. I felt kind of embarrased but that didnt stop me giving up reading my fairytales.

I was crazy, really crazyly and inlove with fairytales. When the book agents had sales in my school compound, I would always reserve the thickest fairtytale story book that had almost all the stories in it, but to my dismay I could never afford to buy any as it was too expensive for me. Years went on, my craze never stopped and as I started working and travelling quite abit as my job requires, I started collecting fairy figurines and angels instead. I would go crazy, spending money and buying all the different types of collection there was in the shelf. Oh my!, I was a fair addict, thats for sure.

As I grew and journeyed through my adult life, I always new I had a guiding angel that I couldn't see as I felt I always received help in during my troubles. I asumed I was granted wishes from fairies that actually hid themselves from me perhaps fearing my greed of never wanting to run out of wishes till I die! I loved the enchantment, the magic, the fantasy and I always believed it was true and wished I was part of the fairytale story itself. Years later as an older adult, I stopped reading fairytales and stopped my figurine collection craze. Only now I have realised that my life has indeed been a fairytale story. My marriage has been a difficult journey all the years and finally i have managed to come out from it.

How is it possible, I asked myself, that unknowingly I have applied the law of attraction in my life since young believing and wanting a life of a fairytale. Only now I have realised that growing up in a troubled family where my parents had an estranged relationship, while living under one roof, unknowingly I had idealised fairytales as all fairytales end with the sentence "Happily Ever After" and this is how I wanted my life to be. It was dreadful growing up in a household that was made up of a small family where my parents had decided to take the vow of silence with each other for months at times. It was like a game they played with each other. When one gives in, and try to break the vow of silence, the other decides to preserve the vow whole heartedly making matters worst and after a few days the extreme one decides to give in and break the vow and the other parent decides to take revenge by showing that the vow is sacred and therefore should not be broken. Can you imagine a life with such strange parents! So it does makes sense now what actually attracted me to fairytales and it's how each story ends with the " Happily Ever After" phrase.

Well as everyone knows in fairytles before the happy ending, it starts with 'Once Upon A Time' than bla,bla,bla comes an evil king and the beautiful princess is kidnapped and then she waits for her prince charming to save her and the evil king dies or gets defeated and then she and her prince charming live happily ever after. This sort of familiar stories is exactly what happened to me in my life. It may sound crazy but it's true. I met my prince charming, who was my first love in real life a very handsome young man when i was nineteen years old. He took my breath away. My heart was beating like musical notes making a rythm as I had fallen inlove with him. All was going well till he decide to leave me for another princess. He was blind and could not see my undying love for him, i cried and my heart rythm eventually changed to sounds of pounding as it was breaking into pieces. My life was a disaster now. My undying love has now become a poisonous potion for me.

With my pain and confusion of my love story I fell into the arms of the evil king. He wore a mask that I could not see and all I saw was a kind and loving person who would reach the stars for me. It was like a spell been cast. I was under his spell. My heart yearned for my prince that I lost but I could not whisper to him my love as I grew further from him and was in captive of this king. The king was my husband in real life. I learned to accept my life and tried my best to love him as a wife should. I was not inlove with him but I could not break away and seek my freedom. Years passed and the king that I thought would reach the stars for me once upon a time has now started digging a grave to bury me without my knowledge. As the hole got dipper and dipper, he became mean to me and caused me much suffering.

This king only married me for fame as he was told by the goblin's which were mediums in real life that i was born with a lucky charm and that once I became his wife, his wealth will increase. He was greedy and vicious. He had many mistresses that I was not aware off but as time passed by, and I began to see his ugly side, he decided to get rid of me for good. We had a little princess, my daughter in real life that was adorable but as she grew, she too was not spared from the king's wrath. Our little princess suffered much neglect and pain from her father the king. With all the pain and suffering I was going through, I used to think about my past and my true love, i wondered if his queen, the woman he eventually married in real life was his joy. He had a kingdom which is his home and his prince and princess which are were also suffering from the hands of the queen as she despised her responsibilities and caused chaos in his kingdom too.

With all the thoughts, one fine day, my little princess spoke up to me giving me a beacon of light to free myself from my evil king. She showed me the way by asking me why i tolerate and fear to leave an unhappy life. I was silent and she gave me the encouragement to make the decision and take the leap of faith. I did and it was a difficult moment to continue life when an evil king uses his army to hunt me and uses the witches outside his kingdom to cast spells on me. He had started digging my grave but he was not able to bury me as I got out in time. She was like a fairy giving me a wish or even an angel giving me a path to freedom.

Little did I know that my prince charming too was suffering and he was sinking in sorrows. The good fairy that does not show itself brought us back together with the wave of the wand. The magic flowed and pierced of hearts and guided us to find each other again. We looked at each other and our eyes spoke and the deep love we had for each other formed magic sparkles and we merged as one again. We fought all evil to get our freedom. We had our prince and princess on our journey. We had to flee from the evil magic of my king and the wrath of his queen. This was beginning to unfold exactly as I use to read in my fairytales but now it's in real life and I'm experiencing every minute of it. As the fairytales would have, we too had a share of our moments in our journey to freedom.

Finally, now we are blessed to have our own kingdom and our lives are begining to have a " Happily Ever After" phrase. This joy that I'm living now is a flash of my craze for fairytales and how it has actually become true for me. My life was actually based on the law of attraction of happily ever after since young and without realising it, all these years I have been living a life of a fairytale. Finally I have found my prince charming and to think about it, I actually have got my wishes granted along the way too. So if you are a fairytale lover like me, do believe that magic does happen and you will never know but your wishes may just be granted too. The phrase that I would like you to remeber is "Never Stop Believing".

Copyright Harkiran Kaur
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