Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017

King Rorkhan

By Sharel in Fantasy

The eerie darkness of the winter night would have never escaped the memory of the kingdom. The kingdom was at horrendous battle with their darkest enemy, Lord Ogrorn, the master of the Dwyrrods. This war was to assassinate Prince Rorkhan, the future king. Legend has it, that before twilight beckons the stars, the 14th king of the kingdom will have vanquished all the dark forces that existed on the face of the earth.

Ironically, the 14th heir to the throne is Prince Rorkhan.

The queen rushed to her chamber and there was a cradle. As she dashed her way to the cradle, she gazed down at her 1-year old prince, with pearl-shaped tears spilling down her cheeks from wide watery blue eyes, she held him to her chest in silence, singing him a lullaby in a melodious soft tone, witnessing his clear luminous piercing blue eyes and wishing that their paths will someday cross again.

Not having another thought, she instantly made her way into a safer chamber for hiding. Just when she speculated she was secure with her baby, she heard crunches of slow and light footsteps approaching towards her, that had the wet sound of someone on grass, echoing down the concrete wall. She stood on guard with her arrow, as gallant as she is, her preeminent priority was to protect her son at any cost.

Even if the cost was her life.

The arrow was ready to fly at any moment, focused at the brown of an unburnished silver door creaking open sluggishly, the queen was only a few seconds away in striking her target.

“Your majesty!”

Said her trustee maiden in shock, as she leaped in the air as if a gunshot had gone off with her face stuck in a thunderstruck expression.

“I almost struck you Taera” shouted the queen with an unblinking stare, shaking head in disbelief. Stood as gormless as a guppy, unable to comprehend what had just happened, “well, it’s a good thing you didn’t your majesty” said Taera.

The queen, with salty drop of tears falling from her chin, her breathing hitched, gasping and losing the strength of her legs, she sank to her knees and slumped to the cold wooden floor. She eyed at Taera, outstretched her arms with Rorkhan towards Taera and said

“Take him away from here, far away from here and don’t look back, just RUN!”

Taera, as ordered, without looking back, she ran with the prince. She knew that the only way to escape was to go through the battlefield. The life of the prince was all that mattered. Taera was not halting for anything. Her world rushes by in a blur, eyes on the track ahead, overlooking the caterwauling and keening sound as the battlefield became greasy with gore.

Then impact!

She found herself falling in the darkness and without looking, she knew there was blood seeping from her skin. An arrow stroked, behind her chest. Carefully lying down the basket on the cold muddy floor, where the prince was covered with wraps of golden silk cloak, everything went black as she passed into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

The enemy of the battle, Edhelria, having a humanoid female form, reptilian taupe skinned, much like a tinge of brown-grey colour, with auburn red ringlet strands of hair till her shoulder and jade green eyes, was the one who stroked the deceased maiden.

Edhelria realized the moving basket and came towards it, glanced downwards. There she saw, the purpose of the battle, the curse of her Master. The slender yew wood bow and arrow with features cut in flawless uniform lines was set to strike at him, but she couldn’t do it. Staring isn’t the word for what she was doing. Resting her eyes, slowly unblinking, the response was soft and welcoming instead of harsh. Maybe it was his lips that gave away her motive, not utterly smiling but tilting as if they were meant to. She could not kill him.

Instead, she saved him.

Edhelria sprinted from the battlefield with the prince, into the deep forest. She gradually stopped running as she reached the deep forest. She paused and sighed, softly deflating as a signal of the end of deliberate endeavour and the beginning of a passive amelioration. She then looked at the prince, calmly, and said “I will never let any harm come to you, I love you with all my heart and will protect you with my life”.

The war was over since Lord Ogrorn believed the prince was dead because he was missing. The king along with his queen and knights searched for survivors. The queen, with a broken pale look on her face and teary eyes, saw Taera, dead and her son was nowhere to be seen. They believed that their son was no more but the queen did not lose hope.

20 years later.

Stood a young man with pearly white shimmery straight hair till waist length, slinging the matching quiver of ivory arrows over his shoulder, focusing with his clear luminous piercing blue oriental eyes on the centre of a sphere wood which was as big as a car tire. As he pulls back his bow aiming at his target, he strikes and wistfully misses by a couple of inches. Trying again, BULLSEYE! He struck the mark.

Then, an alluring tone was heard from a cottage of bumpy, irregular grey stones which made up the wall and large rectangular misshapen slate roof saying


Expressing by the slightest curve at his mouth's corner with lightly raised eyebrow above a quizzical, turned a devilishly handsome, angelic young man having a heart shaped fair complexion that glows with a hint of pink said “Coming mom” to Edhelria.

She told him “Son, you’re old enough to find and gather food for us this time, go get some from the forest. Don’t go too far alright.”. As proud as he felt, determination drove him on. He headed down the neighbouring forest with holding an empty basket in his hand. Resting his eyes on most of the trees which are khaki over the bark, softly green as to be close like white. He plugged and gathered a few vrinaples, blood mangosteens, earth broccolinis and silk carambolas. “Mom is going to be so proud of me” he said like a beam of light to the soul, happiness was at the moment.

As he walked back home, not realizing one of the roots from a tree swiftly emerged up like magic, he tripped and fell on the muddy forest floor. He slowly stood up with a blurry, unclear view and glared directly to an unexplainable blinding glow of shimmering light. Blinking his eyes softly, he eventually regained a clear view, paused when he saw a deer like structure with a body as large as any war horse, not knowing at that moment that it was a Duvarr.

The Duvarr had a glowing white fur, wings as brass beaks and yellow-gold feathers of a phoenix, eyes of white gold, flaming fire rack of horns and hooves of shimmering gold glitters. They are sacredly graceful, noble creatures which are as bold as the sun in the sky, strong as an ox and hunts like a hawk. They are like guardians to each of the subjects from the kingdom and war horses for the knights.

The Duvarr looked right at him and gestured that he should follow it. He had a puzzled expression. The carousel of curiosity continues as he decides to pursue it. The Duvarr walked towards a wide pond and to Rorkhan surprise, it was literally standing on the water of the pond. As he stares at it standing on water, his curiosity was building like an eagle fixated upon its prey. He said to himself with a sigh of fear and excitement which strolled through the air like a roller coaster “Not sure if I should do this but why not?”

Splash! He jumped into the pond.

In a split second, he realized, the pond was very deep. His legs and arms were kicking out desperately as he tries to swim to the surface, but outlandish thoughts came upon him like a shooting star, the cells in his body was not feeding on oxygen.

He could breathe in water.

Suddenly he saw a coruscating aureate light in the midst of darkness from the deep pond. His face hardened in concentration as he saw a water drop head with big spherical blue slit-eyed, the skin of a pale purple moon with an iridescent tail of a mermaid swimming towards him. It is known to be a Dorscy, creature of messages. He blinked a couple of times since he couldn’t believe his eyes. It is said only those who are pure and worthy can witness a Dorscy.

Their eyes, locked in a shared understanding, he followed it and ultimately, it led him to a small, opened, intriguing handcrafted heirloom antique treasure box. He then saw a reflection of the street lamp that struggled above. Gingerly, he let his fingertips touch it, it was quite smooth. Pulling it from amongst all jewels gems and polished diamonds, he let it dangle.

It was a locket.

Deep instrous yellow leaves were curled around it forming heart shapes. Opening it to a nostalgically song, as if he had heard it before, but he could not recall. It was actually the lullaby that his mom will usually sing to him. He then gazed at an image in the locket, a family of three. He peered upon the image of the baby in the locket. It had a Nsigye mark on its right hand, it means unity and omnipotence of God. Oddly, he had the exact mark at his right hand at a similar position. The Dorscy was missing, and he decided to swim back to the surface.

After reaching the surface, he realized the missing Duvarr as well. He sat at the edge of the pond, gazing the image of the locket as he ponders. He kept the locket in his pocket and headed home.

Once reaching home, he approached his mom, with a mind of surging perplexity he asked her “Mom, what is this? Who are these people? And why does this baby have the same mark as me?” while showing her the locket. The dread creeps over her like an icy chill, in a frozen state her mind offers only one thought. It is today. There is no avoiding it.

“Son, it’s you in that picture and I’m not your real mom. You’re the future King of the Kingdom of The Scions of Elves that live at the Silverdrop Mountains” Conspicuously home for God like divine, ravishing humanoid beings.

“Once, King Alrond and Queen Gwindiel together with their son, Prince Rorkhan victoriously ruled Silverdrop Mountains. Mastering magic in controlling forces of nature and weapons such as swords and bows was the trivial element of all elves in the kingdom. The elves ride with their noble Duvarr” Rorkhan interrupted and asked her, “does it have big rack of horns on fire?” She replied “Yes dear, how did you know that?” “I saw it in the forest” he said. “That was your guardian Duvarr, it follows you wherever you go. You can only see it when it wants you to. I’m sorry from keeping this truth from you, I wanted you to be safe” said his mom with teary eyes feeling sorry and pessimistic. “Can you bring me to the kingdom mom?” he asked with hands trembled and wide eyes. “Yes Dear, we’ll leave immediately” said his mom with her lips bearing the semblance of a smile.

They headed off to the kingdom.

Steeped in opulence and plushness, a freeze framed perfect of an enchanted forest filled with feathered white leaves which drifts about the forest like silk cotton together with towering trees like guardians. Enhanced in light of the full dawn, icy breeze of snowflakes that are as soft as cotton flowed down through the night sky covering the forest with a snowy mist. The night sky was dyed with the sequin silver stars, scattered like diamond dust that shimmered brightly.

They made their way from place to place in the purple haze of night. Venturing from the west star to the east through the deep forest on the path of carpeted snow commence the start of the story. The rested in a cave and continued their journey first thing in the morning.

Upon reaching the kingdom, his mom said “Son, I’m thirsty, there used to be a waterfall here.” said his mom, and at that exact moment, he felt dashes of water droplets flowing on his palm. He looked up and placed his hands on a wall of dry mud, then silent white stream cascaded over the rocky outcrops like magic. The noise increased steadily and they could not even shout to one another over the deafening roar of the water. From the bottom, they stood awe.

The knights and subjects of the kingdom gathered around the waterfall with amazement. “The prince lives! The saviour has come back to us” shouted all with might and joy. Hearing this, the king and queen rushed to the site and embraced their son with tears of joy. However, seeing Edhelria, the knights directed their swords towards her because she’s a Dwyrrod. The prince stopped them and explained how important she was to him. “If it wasn’t for her, I would have been dead, she saved me and raised me as her own son and I love her” the prince said facing Edhelria with devotion. Prince Rorkhan was then declared the king by his father after having a wondrous feast in celebration of their son was has returned.

Suddenly, the clouds seemed to be dour thus darkening the sky. Sneaking its way out from the rows of trees was blazing hot golden flame. Storm of arrows, blizzard of spears and clinking of swords was clashing under the red turbulent sky. “Ogrorn, he must have found out that the king has returned” said the head knight. The Dwyrrods, the enemy, swayed and swarmed the kingdom like corn in a field as they smashed upon the castle barriers by fire stones using catapults.

King Rorkhan lifted their kingdom’s honoured burgee aloft in rebellion commanding ‘ATTACK!’. The other elves controlled the trees, waters and skies which fought against the Dwyrrods. The trees quelled, the water doused the fire and drowned the enemies and the skies blew the Dwyrrods. The Duvarr, with their mighty wings and horns, helped the knights skirmish the enemies.

However, when Rorkhan was battling with Ogrorn, he suddenly gets struck by an arrow to his knee and fell on the ground. It was almost twilight and Ogrorn thought he has defeated the king, but to his doom, the mighty king raised from the ground victoriously and struck Ogrorn exactly at his head. King Rorkhan won the battle.

Copyright Sharel
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