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Notion Press Singapore Short Story Contest 2017

Pink Pure

By Siti Anisah in Humour & Comedy

"Give it back!"



The boy sneers at the girl, throwing the pink crayon to the air then catches the short crayon in his palm in ease. The girl is too short to catch, too little for a seven-year-old height to jump to the height of thirteen years old boy, which is still in growing phase. The girl doesn't understand that fact yet but she knows the boy is as tall as a lamp post. The next day, he might be growing into the same height as the tree at the back her house.

Kayla's bottom lip trembling in helplessness, her eyes staring widely at Eric's hand which is holding her bubblegum crayon.

Bubblegum, ironic name in the thirteen-year-old boy's opinion, but Eric hates seeing Kayla going a day in a peaceful mind. Probably he's jealous, that's what Kayla thought. But, apparently, Eric doesn't seem like a person that jealous with someone that going through a great day or in peaceful state, like her big sister, Sally, or her parents, Mr. Bow and Mrs. Bow as people in town called them. He only hates her, bullies her and disturbs her.

Kayla truthfully doesn't understand.

Which is why this upset her greatly.

"Y-You always do thish," her eyes breaming in a pool of tear. The boy's smug look drops instantly into an unreadable face. His heart lurches into a slow beat and his throat suddenly feels so dry. Suddenly, he feels so uneasy.

He laughs, humorlessly. "Are you going to use your wimpy tears against me?"

She shakes her head, hands clenching into strong fists.

Her mouth purses into a thin line. Then she shakes her head again. "I don't allow you to do this to me."

Eric feels like laughing, although his stomach feels strangely empty. Maybe he feels hungry. Seeing Kayla putting another theateric emotion in today as well, does make his emotion also lurches into a terrible boredom. Eric hums in response, eyes boring through Kayla's tear that is threatening to fall.

"What are you going to do today? Call for your mommy again?" He says it mockingly, lips pulling into an apparent smirk.

Kayla shakes her head, then blinking her tears away. "You never like me. You always disturbing me and taking all my treasures away." His heart barely beat. Eric's mind can't catch the meaning behind her words. Its only a seven-year-old kid words. What is there to worry about?

"You're right. I'll tell mommy. I'll tell her to move somewhere far, really far away. Where you won't have to see me anymore and you don't have anyone to dislike anymore. Hope you get a peaceful life, Eric."

Then, she turns around, leaving the thirteen-year-old boy with a stunt look on his young face, and her bubblegum crayon gripped loosely at the tip of the boy's fingers.

Year by year, year by year past. It's like a hopping rabbit through many years and their lifes change as the two persons change.

Eric huffs into a cold air. His hands rubbing against each other to produce a warm he's hoping to get. Waiting at the bus stop is seriously a terrible idea. His ears are about to fall off when a chilly wind blowing across the empty bus stop without thinking a lone soul being sitting pathetically at the edge of the bench seat.

Goodness' sake.

He's not chill at all if the witch Benny Ben is lying to him about his fate is going to change when the time strikes at 00:00AM. Eric had already questioning his sanity for believing his pretentious-witch friend when he did his future-telling, and he's questioning his sanity even more when he's sitting at here awkwardly, with weather being super merciless to him, making entire his body numb. Ah, Eric shouldn't believe his friend at all. But remembering Benny's odd serious expression last night when they had a sleepover at his house, he hesitates.

Eric decides to go with the flow, even though he doesn't know what flow is there he should be seeing. There's no harm in believing, as he decides to innocently believe at the moment. He snorts. He's way too old for this.

The night slowly getting colder and colder. Erics pays no attention. His hands hide inside his thick wool pocket on the front of his sweater. Its a cute sweater that was knit by one of the neighbor kid that has a crush on him. Eric smiles. His eyes glisten as a memory slowly hovering infront his eyes.

"Pink-toe-girl, you've to give me something before the night ends." He shoulders her gently, instead the little girl yelps as she almost falls on her back. "Hey!" She moves a bit further away, trying to avoid him from keep pushing her off from the seat. He chuckles gently.

"Aren't all those stuff you stole from me enough? I don't have anything to give to you." She frowns, fingers rubbing against her knees absentmindedly. Eric shakes his head. He gives her his index finger and waves it infront her face.

"A gift and shared stuffs are different. I want my Christmas gift. Where's mine?" Eric decides to push her forehead with his index finger. The girl this time, finally falls on her back.


He laughs.

"-er. Yo, Mister!" Eric jolts awake. His eyes look around in bewilderment. The street is filled with snow everywhere, scattered. No busses, no people, no anything. He feels his heart beating too fast to think straight at the moment. Wasn't he just talking with his favorite girl that lived next door to his house? Pink-toe-girl, pink cloth, pink rosy cheeks. A girl that drift him into madness for so many years. So many years, he doesn't get a peaceful sleep. So many years without his favorite little girl which he decided he will marry her when she grows up. But, then, she gone. Without a trace next day.

At the realization of that, Eric's heart falls.

A girl snaps her finger infront his face and Eric instantly looks at the blue eyes that are staring at him with an amused look.

"You laugh like some mad man there. I think I find the right person as your friend described. Hey Eric.. long time no see." She smiles, her cheeks flush with rosy pink.

Copyright Siti Anisah
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