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How to Navigate Rapid Disruptions and Lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A profound book built on exceptional experience from its author and his deep academic insights. - DR FRANK TIETZE University of Cambridge, UK

Aravind, in this book, unfolds a breakthrough framework for growth in the new age.- ANAND JOSHIEx-VP, Whirlpool, India

Successful Strategies To Build A Visionary Organization That Leads & Thrives in Times of Change

  • Corporate Strategist and Innovation Leader, Dr. Aravind Chinchure presents a revolutionary master plan for business leaders to stay ahead of their game and build an impactful and sustainable organization.

  • Derived from over 25 years of experience, the book provides innovation and leadership strategies to withstand disruptions and create opportunities in times of change and crises to ride the wave of the new world.

  • With tips, tactics and real life case studies, the book tells you how to stay relevant and competitive in the market and build a stronger and stable future for your organization to lead and succeed in the fourth Industrial revolution.

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What’s inside

  • A Framework For Business Leaders

    Designed to deliver to the needs of Entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, Managers and all Business Leaders of today and tomorrow, this book helps readers understand the challenges of the business world today and establishes 5 factors that drive change.

  • Two Disruptive Forces Impacting Businesses

    Exploring how Technology and Sustainability are disrupting businesses today, the book provides case studies & valuable strategies to explain how these key factors affect the business world.

  • Three Global Shifts Impacting Businesses

    With personal anecdotes and true events, the book encapsulates how global shifts in Economy, Geopolitics and Demographics have a profound and far-reaching impact on businesses.

  • A Solution Oriented Approach

    Discussing how to transform and grow your business, the book spells out what strategies, culture and vision to adapt and gives a new outlook on set norms to lead in the new age.

  • A New Leadership Outline

    The book tells you how to empower innovative leadership and new talent to break free from bygone methods and rethink business leadership with a triumphant fresh perspective.

  • A Cheat Code To Success

    Therefore, this book offers a new organisational framework, leadership approach and bold models to deal with the rapid disruption and build a future-ready organization that survives, sustains and succeeds.


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Meet the Author

Aravind Chinchure

Aravind is a renowned academician, a corporate strategist, and an innovation leader. He is an expert in developing corporate culture for innovation-led growth. He has developed and driven programs to tap new billion-dollar growth opportunities through innovation, investments, and joint ventures to succeed in new and prevalent markets.

Aravind founded QLeap Academy, a new venture focussed on creating the next generation of talent and developing new age organisations that will continuously innovate and lead in a rapidly changing world.

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