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Love is Possible

“To break up a relationship can be a necessity and move two people on in a positive way.” Yet, we cannot comprehend what we feel in those circumstances. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publication platform, presents Love is Possible: From Separation to Connectedness, the ultimate guide to loving ourselves better and connecting well with our relationship partners, by Annette Grothe-Moller.

Love and affinity is a part and parcel of our existence. This is possible simply because it is a part of us. We yearn for someone, we strive for that person, and we make the efforts to have them in our lives forever. However, the problem arises when our efforts are born out of the consciousness of our ego. This often leads to constant conflicts and subsequently, separation. Nevertheless, with this potential to love ingrained in our consciousness, we are rather equipped with the possibilities for the solution to our problems. Love is Possible: From Separation to Connectedness by Annette Grothe-Moller is about having a clearer vision to overcome these obstacles that obstruct our inner peace, love, and happiness for ourselves. The book offers a broader understanding of the work that we need to do to reach our inner potentials

Love is Possible

both individually and as a couple. Grothe-Moller reveals how it is possible to find knowledge and learn the intricacies to managing our ego’s need to separate and search through our level of self-consciousness and accomplish affinity with our own loving essence and each other.

More importantly, through Love is Possible: From Separation to Connectedness, author Grothe-Moller illuminates the work we need to put in to heal the wounds of a painful separation from relationships that were once close to our hearts. She shows us how we can utilize the remarkable possibilities of our relationships to help each other to connect with our loving essence. What sets this book apart from the rest of the handbooks that claim to alleviate the suffering in our relationships is the way this book has been composed. Love is Possible is made into a workbook with note-taking facilities to support the whole healing process and the work that takes to reach the love within ourselves.

Love is Possible: From Separation to Connectedness author Annette Grothe-Moller holds a degree in MSc Psychology and has been working in the field of Psychotherapy with numerous individuals and couples. With the immense knowledge that she gained from working in the HR and Management field over 25 years, Grothe-Moller has established herself as the Co-Founder and CEO of CommonCollection (; a global platform that promotes peer-to-peer connection and offers cent per cent to the receivers to support a socially aware and ecologically conscious way of living on the planet. Currently, she lives with her supportive husband and four beloved children in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Love is Possible: From Separation to Connectedness by Annette Grothe-Moller is the ultimate read if you want to be handheld through rough patches in your married life or if you are reeling from the pain caused by a broken heart. Grab your copy of Love is Possible in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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