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Love is Possible A Guide to Connect to the Love within You and Your Partner

Author Name: Annette Grothe-Møller | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Love is Possible – A Guide to connect to the Love within you and Your Partner is about overcoming the obstacles that obstruct inner peace, love and happiness. It gives a broader understanding of the work to reach our inner potentials individually and as a couple. The book reveals how it is possible to learn to manage our ego’s need to separate and search the consciousness level of Self and achieve affinity with our own loving essence and each other. To support this process and the work to reach the love within, the book is made into a workbook with note-taking possibilities.

“This book saved my life! Reading Love is Possible was like getting a slap on my face to snap me out of my problems... The title makes it clear what's inside.”

“Personally getting to understand how to look at past conflicts to see the real intentions behind them has helped me immensely…”

“This book reminds us of the most important message of all in a time full of pain, fear and longing: The ability to choose a life of peace, love and joy.”

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Annette Grothe-Møller

Annette Grothe-Møller holds a MSc. in Psychology. She has been working with psychotherapy for individuals and couples, HR and management for more than twenty-five years. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband. Together, they have four children.

Annette is co-founder and CEO at the social site CommonCollection ( CommonCollection is a global platform for peer-to-peer connection and gives 100% to the receivers to support a way of living on the planet that is socially aware and sustainable.