Author Preneur

Join the world’s first Accelerator for books. Go from self-published author
to literary superstar in just 3 months.

Your book is your startup and you are it's CEO

  • Create an Awesome Book

    Self-publish your book with Notion Press. Our team of experts will guide you during the publishing process to create and design an awesome book.

  • Gain Momentum for Your Book

    Meet metrics to qualify to join our Accelerator. Promote your book, sell more copies and get reviews from real readers to qualify for this program.

  • Go from Author to Authorpreneur

    While in the Accelerator, you can work with our experts to reposition your book and create an author brand to turn you from an author to an AuthorpreneurTM.

Accelerator programme

The Notion Press Accelerator works exactly like a startup accelerator. The goal of the Accelerator Program is to help an author with a published book over a period of 3 Months to gain momentum for the book and to help create a strong author brand. During this period, the author will work with an awesome set of mentors who will help set up an author platform, increase visibility of the book, implement growth hacking strategies and extend distribution of the book to relevant retail outlets.

The Benefits

  • Mentorship

    Our team of mentors will work hand-in-hand to help you build an author brand, reposition your book based on expert feedback and create growth-hacking strategies.

  • Unlocking

    We will unlock retail distribution
    channels like bookstores and libraries.

  • Promotions

    We will offer exclusive promotions to
    authors and readers on the Notion
    Press community.

What do I get?

Qualify for our Accelerator Program. Get 70% of Net Profits on Book Sales in exchange for one lakh rupees worth marketing services for your book. We evaluate your book’s growth potential and consider offering you a traditional publishing contract with Notion Press or pitch your book to other publishers who are part of our Publisher Partner Network.

How to Qualify

  • Well designed book

    A well-edited and designed book
    stands more chance of qualifying for
    our Accelerator Program.

  • Target

    You must have sold a minimum of 300
    copies of your book on our Indian
    and International sales channels.

  • Reviews

    Receive a minimum of 30 positive re-
    views on your book on our sales chan-
    nels like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Once you meet the above requirements, you can apply to join the Accelerator Program from your Author
Dashboard. Upon receiving your application, our editorial panel will perform an editorial and marketability
review before qualifying your book to enter the accelerator.