Notion Press Reviews

I sincerely appreciate the hard work put in by your team and find everything acceptable.

Ajit Nambiar

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you my advice. Notion team you are very exceptional in self-publishing industries. Keep it up. I will never resist to submit my upcoming books. Thank for you making my dream come true.

Benjamin M. Othmar, Deepak Burfiwala

Sky is no limit. Notion press is already a very well established Publisher.

Robindranath Moulik

My overall experience was amazing. You guys are the best at what you do.

Gavin D’Souza

I would acknowledge that the Project Manager plays a decisive role in giving a mature look to the book submitted by an author for Self-Publication. I thank my Project Manager for her efforts.

Subhash Chandra Sawhney

Your performance is superb and excellent. I am glad that you have risen up to the occasion of printing my book in record time. Kudos to the Project Manager, Ms.Mridhula Vinayak and to your entire Team. All the best to all of you


I highly recommend Notion Press for their extremely high quality publishing services which are at par with international standards. Notion Press is the only publishing house in India that provides an author with the best of both worlds, namely, the professional guidance of a traditional publishing house coupled with the complete freedom of self publishing.

P.B. Kolleri

I wrote a book and I wanted to publish it. Notion Press made sure I realize this dream of mine. The best thing about my publishers, Notion Press is that they are a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters bursting with youthful ideas.

Kirti Krishna

I am very thankful to Notion press and I acknowledge the help received from the notion press in publishing my book. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to all in the notion press and every thing is very fine.

Shiva Madhuri

I must say that notionpress website is awesome, it is so easy to unserstand without any complexity! So no improvement there. As i think about it, i dont seem to be able to find a room for improvement, because my journey with notionpress, is and will be amazing!!! So, my suggestion is, stay the awesome you! But stay flexible with the latest trends.

Deon Demamount

Already very good,No Improvement needed.

Jayendra Puri Goswami

I had a good working experience with the Project Manager at Notion Press. I'll certainly contact Notion Press for my next releases.

Gautam Prakash

Thanks for all the effort put in by all of you. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I am sure it will continue to be a very wonderful journey for me, and for the book as well!

Shanta Jayaram

Karmaa Kitchen was a dream I had worked on for over two and a half years; but with my product ready in hand I realised what I thought I knew about publishing books was redundant. I googled and asked around, but all I got was contradictory answers and super expensive printing quotes. That's when a friend suggested Notion Press. When I was guided on what's good for my book - they didn't do just their "job" - they actually took an active interest in my book. In fact turning this book into an app was their brainchild. Their entire financial transaction (including royalty payments and sales interface) are easy, hassle free and transparent. I've been recommending Notion Press to all new authors! Oh and I forgot to add, they saved me a huuuge ton of money by constantly steering me to the right direction.

Pankhuri Agarwal

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