Marketing Campaigns

Price: Rs.6,000 plus GST

Readers are buying more books on Amazon than ever, and they like getting their hands on your book instantly. We enable this by printing and stocking your books directly in Amazon’s warehouse from where it gets delivered to readers. In the past, we have noticed that this strategy helps increase sales as readers are more likely to buy a book that is Fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon Prime Placement also enables free shipping for subscribers of Amazon’s Prime program. Your book will be listed as a Prime item on for 3 months from the date of publishing.

Price: Rs.6,000 plus GST

Make your book available for pre-order on Amazon is one of the largest booksellers in India. A pre-order campaign enables you to build-up marketing buzz for your book by allowing readers to pre-book a copy even before it launches.

Pre-Requisite: Your book’s interior and cover files have to be created and finalized in order to start this campaign.

How it Works:
  • Notion Press creates the final interior and cover files and makes the book available for pre-order only on with a 20% discount for a period of 15 days.
  • During this period you can promote the book and get the maximum number of people to pre-book a copy.
  • At the end of the pre-order, the book is sent to all the readers who have bought the book during the pre-order period and book sales are reported to you on your Author Dashboard.
  • You will earn full royalty on books sold during the pre-order period as per the royalty terms for selling books on third-party stores.
  • The book is only listed in other commerce sites (including the Notion Press store) after the Amazon pre-order ends.

Tip: Combine this campaign with an email marketing and social book launch campaign for maximum effect.

Price: Rs.10,000 plus GST

You have written a great book. What do you think should be your first objective - Get hundreds of people who buy your book or get thousands to discover, read and share your book? In a world where expanding your sphere of influence can help expand your brand, our Digital Book Giveaway service helps you leverage giveaways to share your stories and spread your ideas.

This service combines a secure digital reading experience and a digital campaign that encourages readers to preview your book and share it on their social media in order to unlock more chapters.

How it works:
  • Your book’s page on the Notion Press Bookstore will have the ‘Read Instantly’ feature enabled which will allow readers to first preview your book and then continue reading your book online.
  • During the campaign period, readers who are part of your book’s target audience are driven to the read instantly page via ads on Facebook.
  • Readers who read the preview of your book need to share about your book on Facebook in order to continue reading it thereby helping you spread word about your book to their friends. The book is also added to their reading shelf on Notion Press so that they can come back and continue reading.
  • This campaign will be open for a 15-day period. The cost for this ad set-up includes a budget of Rs. 3,000.
  • You will receive the complete analytics report at the end of the campaign period – No. of readers who have visited the page, No. of reads and No. of Shares on Social by these readers.
  • Existing Readers can continue to access your book after the campaign period. Once the campaign ends, new readers who discover the book can either purchase the digital copy of the book for reading or the physical copy in order to read your book.
  • You can choose to increase the duration or reach of the ads by opting for the Ad Top Up

Price: Rs.29,990 plus GST

A physical book launch in an expensive hotel or a bookstore is limited to a small audience and usually doesn’t help garner the attention of your target audience. With book sales moving online to eCommerce platforms, a comprehensive digital launch of your book will enable you to reach your target audience at a fraction of the cost of a physical book launch. Targeted book launch Combo will help improve the discoverability of your book to your book’s specific target audience. The best part is, your readers now have the ability to order a copy of your book at the click of a button.

How it works:
  • Creation of social banners announcing the launch of your book. This will also be optimised for social channels and WhatsApp. These will also be posted on Notion Press’s social pages with over 100,000 followers.
  • A 30 second video teaser will be created for your book announcing its launch. This will also be optimised for social channels and WhatsApp.
  • Facebook ads for 30 days for your book’s video teaser with redirection to your book’s Amazon or Flipkart sales page as per your choice
  • Online Press release writing and release to media outlets to announce the launch of your book
  • Ability to setup discounts for your book on Amazon and Flipkart using the Promo Manager, and to provide free shipping for your book on the Notion Press online store using the Shipping Manager, directly from your Notion Press author dashboard

5 Bookstores: Rs.15,000 plus GST

Notion Press provides retail display in premium upscale bookstores in India. While retail store distribution in India has taken a huge hit on account of successful online ventures, we pick and choose our retail partners based on display prominence, timely reporting and payments for the books sold.

Your book will be displayed prominently for sale in our partner stores based on the below guidelines.
  • The cost for Premium Retail Display is inclusive of the printing cost of the book for a B&W book. For Full-Color books, the author will have to bear the cost of printing a minimum of 100 copies.
  • The Book size should be in the standard sizes provided by Notion Press – 5" by 8", 6" by 9" and 8" by 11".
  • The books will be distributed to stores within 30 business days.
  • The duration of display is 3 months. During this time, the author has to generate enough sales to continue staying on the shelves. The retail shelves will be refilled at our cost, if and when they get empty.
  • One year of warehousing and further order servicing will be done by Notion Press based on demand from our partner stores.
  • Books will be supplied to stores on Sale or Return basis.
  • Sales reports will be updated every six months and royalty payments will be made as per the regular payout schedule.

You can now run promotional offers for your book on the Notion Press store and rake in initial sales by giving a deep discount with the coupon code manager. You can easily create, edit, schedule and distribute unique coupon codes from your author dashboard.

Note: The royalty you receive will depend on the discount percentage you set.

Price: Rs.25,000 plus GST

Market research is about creating a product that serves your customers better. If you know who they are and what they want, you can make better decisions about what to put in your book and how you position it in the marketplace. Our team of publishing and marketing professionals will talk to you to understand your book better and create a presentation on how to position your book to get maximum visibility in the market.

This Presentation will address:
  • The Objective of the author and the goals you have set for your book.
  • Ideal Target audience - People most likely to buy your book.
  • Competition research- What are the other books in this category?
  • USP for the book- What is unique about your book? Why should readers buy it?
  • An appropriate and a memorable Title & Subtitle for the book- So it sticks to people's mind.
  • Finalizing on the Look & Feel of the book.
  • Providing concepts for your Cover Design.
  • Category Research & Recommendation- Which category should it be on to reach the right audience?
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