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NP Recommends Week #13 – Best of Fiction

How is the lockdown going for you? Over the last few months in our segment, NP Recommends, we have explored some great books by Indie Authors. In case you missed them, click here.

This week our editors have picked some of our best fiction Novels that are guaranteed to keep you wanting more. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Here is a list of books you would definitely love.

Life About an EMI

By Gaurang Bhatt 

My philosophy towards life became the one as stated in this quote by Shyam: “If you wish to enjoy life as nectar and honey, make sure your banks and trousers have sufficient money.”

Life About an EMI is the story of a small-town boy Shyam who dwells in the heart of every middle-class Indian who has huge aspirations from life and wants to lead the world through his intrinsic and inborn qualities – until at every step he is made to believe that life is not a bed of roses, but instead a struggle, and that you are here to earn your living and sacrifice the rest for family’s nurturing. Shyam’s childhood orientation paved the way for a life towards accumulations, possessions, social obligations and worldly emotions until nature showered her grace upon him in the form of Radha. Radha entered his life as a fragrance of divine love and made him understand the importance of balance in life. She became a gift of God who blew him away with such an intensity of selfless love that her physical and metaphysical presence changed the course of his life. It was time for Shyam now to decide how to lead his life.

Compulsively or consciously? Incompletely or absolutely? Desperately or willingly? Abruptly or profoundly? Was he willing to continue his life as an Equated Monthly Instalment? Or was he striving to live it with Each Minute Insight? What Shyam decided changed his life from an unconscious piece of life getting transformed in a radiant, vibrant & absolute conscious ray of light for humanity that became known to the world as Swami Shyam Charandasjee Maharaj. Click here to read instantly.

Daughter of the Blue Hills

By Gita Abraham

The tale of a lady doctor’s romance with a software engineer that takes treacherous turns when her father remarries. Can their romance weather all the storms to find true love? Click here to read instantly.

And I Lost Her

By Ranjeet Solanki

Life is always full of challenges with its colours of fairness and unfairness. What happens if your childhood memories are running and ruining your marriage? Ryan is a very happy boy until one day he discovers that he was engaged to an unknown girl, who is the daughter of a widowed mother. Heading towards his fate, his family broke his engagement and set a new cold war between the communities. During all this, he lost himself and found his soul in guilt and mental illness. But Life has a perfect card for him. He meets Devika, who wants to be an IAS officer. But due to the cold war between his family and local communities, he loses Devika. Now, a young student who is doing his engineering is on the verge of saving his dreams to become an engineer. In his early twenties, he faces problems that he never thought of facing. He is living his worst nightmare. Does his fate change? Does he survive his engineering or does he choose to quit his life? This book will take you on a journey of spirituality, failure, life, faith, triumph, belief, and unconditional love. Click here to read instantly.

A Book for You

By Ramya AR

A successful director, Naomi visits her hometown after a long time, as she gave the word to her father that she would get married. But she falls into a pool of thoughts and memories as she starts reading a book she wrote for her long-gone love Nathan, who she met at the age of nine and who, one day, left without stating his reasons. She who had not moved on yet but coped up and is surrounded by a supportive group of friends and gets to meet Daniel, Mr. Perfect. Just when she thinks she can move forward, things take a turn at the possibility that her lover from the past might visit her. Who is the one, she needs to conclude. It’s been years since she last saw him, and she has no idea how he even looks now. She needs to get the answers to why he left and battle a sickness at the same time. Five days to her engagement with Daniel. Unaware of the extent she has been immersed in her love, she risks her life further, emotionally and physically drained, but holds herself together until her book reaches Nathan’s hand and her eyes meet his. A story that starts slow and steady goes forward with twists and turns, as she tries to put her life together not knowing whose hands she is going to hold forever and if Nathan’s arrival will changes her life further. Click here to read instantly.

The Pillow Cats & Other Stories

By Sanjay Hazarika

While writing the story The Pillow Cats, the author, who happens to be a cat lover, was inspired by the fact that he really used his cats as pillows. This is a fictional account of the pitfalls and amusing incidents from having cats as pillows.

Find out how ‘Tying the Knot’ descended on humans from monkeys and the hilarious account of Sumo wrestlers and the origin of the handshake. Click here to read instantly.
We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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