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NP Recommends – Week #2 – Best of Poetry

Last Monday in our segment NP Recommends we gave you some of our newest Fiction Novels and we received an amazing response from our readers. So this week to support the growing community of indie authors let’s look at some really good poetry. Did you know that Poetry is one of the most widely-read genres around the world? Who would’ve imagined! Over 3.5 million people read poetry every day on Instagram alone.

Poetry might seem like just words on paper. But in reality, it is everything and nothing. Poetry is essentially whatever you want it to be – mysterious, fun, nostalgic, romantic, philosophical – the list is endless. They say there’s a poem for every type of reader.

With transcending platforms and constantly evolving media, poetry has taken a limitless number of forms. And of course, India is producing more poets than ever before. Poems are taking so many new avatars with a large growing community of indie poets who don’t conform to traditional norms.

In this large universe of indie poetry, we found some hidden gems. This week, in NP Recommends, we give you:

Musings of My Mind
By Suzanne Alexy

Musings of My Mind is a beautiful compilation of poems and songs, penned together with a classic touch of rhyme and rhythm. While some of these poems tug at your heart or make you shed a tear, the others tickle your funny bone. Click here to get your copy.

Dark Blue Sea
By Shruti Rathi

Seeped in mysticism, the verses in this book have thought-provoking ideas and evocative imagery. The poems are an exploration of human emotions, self-love and spirituality weaving a blanket of surrealism in a cathartic release. Click here to get your copy.    

Flirting with Life
By Angela David

This collection of poetry is straight from the author’s heart and explores topics like family, losing someone close, long-distance relationships and contentment. Click here to get your copy

Those That Remain
By S. Nath


These short and sweet poems deal with university life and its intricacies. From encountering many firsts to evolving relationships and friendships, this book is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. But in its core, it is a coming-of-age tale that is sure to leave you feeling all fuzzy by the end of it. Click here to get your copy

The Water Lilies
By Archana

The ever-changing landscape of life sometimes goes unnoticed as we try to navigate through life itself. The Water Lilies is a special book of poetry because it makes you pause, contemplate and reflect on your life. This relatable, beautiful book of poetry captures the micros and macros of life and is a must-have for your library. Click here to get your copy.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more of our finest indie authors!


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