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Notion Press’ Next Book Will Take You on an Imaginary Tour to Ladakh

The Dreamland


Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform is coming out with a book The Dreamland that takes you on an imaginary tour to Ladakh. The book is the experience of the author in Ladakh, the land that is beyond beautiful.

People across the world, and more importantly, those in India, are keen on visiting Ladakh for a vacation. The place is a common sabbatical getaway for many youngsters. The scenic beauty, snow-clad mountains and the peace in serenity make this land meters above the sea level a place to yearn for.

In this book, the author, Mohammad Hamza, a travel guide, speaks about his emotions and experiences in Ladakh. He talks about the inner peace that makes one forget about all the worries. He sheds light on the ever-loving and always-helping people of the mountains. He spills beans about the care-free and harmonious culture that will compel you to go now. He goes on to talk about the long drives snaking through the tall canopies and mountains. Hamza also speaks about the old monasteries that are symbolic of the Buddhist culture and the representation of the peace-loving region it is.

The Dreamland

A virtual journey in itself, the beautifully penned book will make you imagine every moment the author has experienced throughout his stay in Ladakh. Hamza will make you even imagine him sipping hot tea at a petty shop along the road.

So if you are someone who loves traveling, and is amazed by the beauty of Himalayas, then this book is something you should pick. Go grab a copy of this tale of a scenic journey either from or one of the leading e-commerce websites Amazon or Flipkart.

Speaking about the launch of this book, the author, Mohammad Hamza, says, “Ladakh is a place that, I feel, everyone should visit once in their life. It is a journey that alleviates you of all the pain and worries in life. If you have been thinking about visiting this beautiful place, then this book is all set to kindle your emotions further.” He goes on, “I hope the readers love this book and share their valuable feedback.”

With over 33 years of experience in tourism, Mohammad Hamza started as a guide for the Ladakh region with Sea & Sky Travel (India) Pvt. Ltd. in June 1987. He has now been designated as their manager ­of operations. He is responsible for all the ground arrangements and preparations related to the adventure tours of the company. He also runs his own travel company, Space Tourism.

Besides his love for travelling, Hamza enjoys music and reading. His favourite pastime activity involves spending endless hours on Discovery and National Geographic channel, which help stoke his adventure streak and seek and soak in knowledge on travel and adventure.

He holds key positions in many reputed organisations. These include:

Chairman of SEWAK (Shingoo Educational & Welfare Association Kaksar) – an NGO involved in rural development through the promotion of education, health and culture.

Member of Universal Peace Society.

Member of the International Council of CCPL Worldwide.

Director of Kargil International Marathon.

Executive Director India for Lumbini Peace Marathon.

He is also one of the founding members of Sheena Cultural Association and SEWAK.

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