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The Dreamland Discover Unexplored Kargil (Ladakh)

Author Name: Mohd Hamza | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

Ladakh – a world away from anything else in India. This isolated, high-altitude desert, crowned by the majestic Himalayas, is scenically stunning and unforgettable. Stark mountain sceneries, mesmerizing canyons and old monasteries unfold this great Himalayan region. It is a land that boasts a limited population – predominantly the disarmingly friendly Ladakhis – that enjoy the mountain dweller life. It is an escape to a life that moves at its own pace – regardless of the world – and is spinning its own tale. It’s the perfect place to take your soul on a vacation where it can get lost and thrive magnificently.

Hamza takes you on a journey through the divine scenery of Ladakh. He will help you close your eyes and imagine sipping delicious tea in the mountains. This book is the perfect, comprehensive guide that will delight the travel bug sitting in your head. It will make your mind and soul want to take a break and visit the mighty land of the snow leopard.


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Mohd Hamza

With over 33 years of experience in tourism, Mohd. Hamza started as a guide for the Ladakh region with Sea & Sky Travel (India) Pvt Ltd in June 1987. He has now been designated as their manager ­of operations. He is responsible for all the ground arrangements and preparations related to the adventure tours of the company. He also runs his own travel company: SPACE TOURISM.

Besides his love for travelling, Hamza enjoys music and reading. His favourite pastime involves endless hours on Discovery and National Geographic channel, which help stoke his adventure streak and seek and soak in knowledge on travel and adventure.

He holds key positions in many reputed organisations. These include:

-          Chairman of SEWAK (Shingoo Educational & Welfare Association Kaksar) – an NGO involved in rural development through promotion of education, health and culture.

-          Member of Universal Peace Society.

-          Member of the International Council of CCPL worldwide.

-          Director Kargil International Marathon.

-          Executive Director India for Lumbini Peace Marathon.

He is also one of the founding members of Sheena Cultural Association and SEWAK

You can expect The Dreamland: Discover Unexplored Kargil (Ladakh) to be as layered as Mr. Hamza himself. He knows how blessed the land of Kargil in Ladakh is and how much it has to offer, with its unique landscapes, brown mountains, hilltop monasteries, spectacular glaciers, gushing rivers and ethnic cultures.

Mr. Hamza is actively involved in promoting tourism in Ladakh.