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Pallav Taru Ke
Pallav Taru Ke
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My book has a variety of poems, which describe me. Being a nature lover I feel a quiet peace and strength when I am close to nature and it increases my speed of writing as I am captivated by its beauty. In my nature poems, I not only try to show everyone what I see but also try to make everyone understand how I feel about the beauty of nature through my emotions.“Mein Matbali Chubali Chanchal” and “Patang” are my favourite poems. The positive thoughts in these poems will help us build confidence in ourselves, learning from our mistakes, they in turn will help us climb the ladder of success.Being soft hearted, I am also easily agitated whenever I hear any injustice/wrong doing against women. This anger reverberates in my heart and forces me to write for them poems like “Abla Teri Kahani” which describe this agitation.I don't know what the future holds, but I pray that the ink of my pen always luminesces your reading.