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Tanima's path was very different from what she had planned. Born in a simple family, she was always taught simplicity of life. She spent her childhood in different places of Uttar Pradesh because of her father's job. So she watched the different cultures and ways of living of the various places closely. Everytime she tried to adjust to a new place, which was not an easy task, this taught her to be more extroverted and vivacious. She was a bright student and took science/maths because according to the mind-set of people, humanities was not an appropriate choice for an intelligent student. Though she had keen interest in Hindi and Sanskrit literature, writing, interior designing and gardening but she went by the trend. But after taking science and excelling in the field, she wanted to do something different, she didn't want to follow the beaten path. One day she wrote some rhythmic lines for her friends and everybody appreciated the poem. This was the turning point of her life and slowly it became her passion. Now, in addition to poems she writes stories as well and her writings are being published in magazines.

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