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The Bull The Shit The Job
The Bull The Shit The Job
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Besties from college, Akki and Vira begin their corporate journey together but the adaptation to office life is not easy. Honesty hardly ever seems the best policy and colleagues turn ‘friends’ or ‘foes’ according to convenience, discovers Vira who does not hesitate in speaking up her mind. Akki, however adapts better, realizing that life in a corporate is a completely different ball game; coasting along and learning to cope up with the whims of his bosses, the pressures of unrealistic targets and the guillotine of appraisals. Vira is Akki’s lifeline and Akki is the wisp of fresh air that Vira so longs for in her life every day. The day Akki asks her to shut up and stay quiet, her faith in him is a bit rattled. Has Akki given in to the pressures of life? Is Vira going to go with the flow and “fit in” to whatever comes her way? Will love sustain the challenges that life throws at them?