Petals Of Poesy

Poetry | 105 Chapters

Author: Vamshi Durgam


An anthology of 100 verses presented to Goddess Lalitha Parameshwari, travels from exploring the depth and hidden secrets of each body part of Devi alongside of unfolding the truth of life. While first half of the verses dedicated to the physical beauty of Devi and the representation of truth with beautiful metaphors, poet unveils the secrets of Kundalini yoga, tantras, and methods of worship with fabulous metaphorical verses in the next half. Pe....


Place of grace – Thy Feet

Let me be at this place touched by the cool breeze of thy grace

Which is the place where all gods striving to lie down at

It is the place at thy feet adorned with red mehndi

It is where thy feet nourished with water of wisdom.

Delicate Feet

Thy adorable feet be rested on more delicate petals of lotus

As they are the feet which wearies by blessing gods and humans

As they are the feet which roams over galaxies inspecting of order

As they are the feet which syncs with the wild dance of [1]Rudra












[1] Rudra – Fiercest form of Lord Shiva, husband of Devi,  with whom  she dances (Shivatandavam).

Anklets – Musical tool

Thy anklets glistening like a mid noon sun wakes us up from sleep of desires

Which sets the sounds in cadence as thou dance with the [1]man who won death

Music from thy anklets sings lullaby for me to sleep in consciousness

Which is the same music an unbearable cacophony for them in compulsion












[1] Man who won death – Mruthyunjay – Lord Shiva, husband of Devi, who is supposed to have won over death.

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Poetry | 105 Chapters

Author: Vamshi Durgam

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Petals of poesy

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