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Xpress Publishing

Publish on your own. Enter your book details, select interior templates, design your book cover, select your distribution and get your book published. Use our online tools to build your book from scratch

  • Own 100% of the rights
  • Create your book using our online tools
  • Take home 70% profits
  • Sell worldwide on the Notion Press Store
  • Get access to exclusive book marketing tools

Guided Publishing

Get your own dedicated team of experts who will work on every aspect of your book. From positioning to design, editing to book marketing, you can sit back and relax as our team of experts create the best version of your book

  • Own 100% of the rights
  • Get a team of experts to publish your book
  • Take home 100% profits
  • Sell Worldwide on more than 30,000 stores
  • Get a host of premium book marketing services

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Live Sales Report You can view sales reports for each month by visiting your publishing dashboard. Reports are updated based on where and when your book sells.

Your Rights are Yours You own the copyright to your book. We will also share all the original design files that are created for your book, in case you need it in the future.

Professional Book MakingRight from editing to cover design, illustrations to formatting, our team of 150+ publishing experts will weave magic to create a beautiful book.

Global Distribution Use the Notion Press distribution channels to boost the distribution of your book, take it all over the word and maximise your book's selling potential.

Kickass Marketing Tools You can use our comprehensive suite of marketing tools and services to promote your book and to create viral marketing campaigns.

Affordable Pricing All our publishing packages are priced keeping in mind that first-time authors should get a return-on-investment as early as possible. See pricing


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Xpress Publishing Guided Publishing
SGD 1099
SGD 880
Get Me Started

Complete set of services to get your book published and distributed to leading e-commerce sites in Singapore. Use our free tools to promote your book on your own.

Most Popular
SGD 2099
SGD 1680
More Than Just Publishing

Complete set of services to publish your book and kickstart your book marketing with the help of marketing campaigns and promotions.

Best Value
SGD 3499
SGD 2790
The Whole Deal

A host of full blown premium publishing, book marketing and PR services to fuel your growth and accelerate your journey to literary stardom.

Publish as Keepsake

Use our online tools to publish your book as a keepsake. Print copies at subsidized cost, as and when you need them.

Publish to the Notion Press Store

Use our online tools to publish your book. Sell through the Global Notion Press Store and get 70% of the net profits.

Standard Plus
SGD 299.00
Publish and Sell Worldwide

Use our online tools to publish your book. Sell in over 30,000 stores across 150+ countries and get 70% of the net profits.

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“Thank you for this opportunity to share with you my advice. You are an exceptional team. Keep it up. I will never resist to submit my upcoming books. Thank you for making my dream come true.”

Benjamin M. Othmar

"Notion Press is really doing good and is supportive to the authors who work with them. My journey with the team who helped me publish my book was so awesome. They were polite, friendly and always by my side. All I got to say is good luck in the future and wish you all the best from me"

Chimi Dorji

"This is the third book I have published with Notion Press. I am pleased to say that you are doing better with each passing year. Well done!!"

Lolita Jude