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Launch Promotions

Launch Promotions

Social Networks are used extensively by authors and publishers to promote their book. The problem for most first-time authors is that they neither have the design skills nor the time to promote their book consistently on Social Media.

BookPostr is an easy-to-use tool developed by Outpublish to design beautiful looking posts and to share them on social networks. Imagine, that you have couple of hours to spare this weekend. That is all you need to create beautiful posts for your book and schedule them to be posted on your Facebook page over the whole of the next week.

How it works:
  • Setup your book on BookPostr using its ISBN
  • Design your post using our post builder (no design skills required)
  • Post now on your Facebook account or on a page you manage. You can also schedule the post for a later time.

A Social Book Giveaway is a proprietary tool that allows you to run a giveaway for your book by letting the reader enter a social sweepstakes to compete for a copy of your book. Running a Social Giveaway allows you to reach more people by combining your book launch with Facebook’s social reach. This tool helps in building awareness about your book among readers on social media.

Here is how it works:
  • A book sales page is created with all the vital components needed to spread the right message about your book to its audience
  • Readers who are part of your target audience are driven to the sales page via ads on social media networks.
  • Readers who visit this page can share about your book on Facebook in order to enter the giveaway to win a free copy of the book. You need to pay for copies to be sent to the winning readers.

Price: SGD 500.00

Our marketing experts will read the synopsis of your book and listen to a narration of your story. We will then write a storyboard and create a director's cut video trailer for your book. This is usually 60 seconds long and is distributed on YouTube.

Price: SGD 500.00

Advertise your book on Facebook. Your potential readers have willingly supplied oodles of information about themselves like their interests, favourite books, age, sex, religion, music interest etc. With Facebook ads, you can narrow down your ads to the exact target audience for your book.Example: If your book is a murder mystery novel, you can place ads on Facebook to target 20 to 40 year old women who are fans of Agatha Christie and have liked other murder mystery novels.

Features of this service:
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Creating a banner and text ad for your book
  • Managing the targeted advertisement on Facebook for one month
  • Drafting monthly reports on views and reach coverage, videos and articles about your book
  • Includes SGD 225 worth of Ad Credit. You can pay additional based on your budget.

Price: SGD 450.00

Planning for local promotions or a book launch? Put up posters, give out business cards and sample chapters to engage your audience. You get 30 posters, 100 business cards and 50 specially designed sample chapter brochures for your book based on your book cover. You also get the digital files for this so that you can print it whenever you want.

Price: SGD 150.00