पहला प्यार
By vinay in Romance | Reads: 255 | Likes: 1
दोस्तों जीवन में कई दौर आते हैं,इंसान उन पड़ावों में गिरता या संभलता आगे बढ़ता है।ऐसे ही एक दौर में उम्र के एक पड़ाव पर   Read More...
Published on May 27,2020 03:24 PM
Who am I
By Sash in Romance | Reads: 260 | Likes: 1
The sun went down and the moon started glazing me and i am still confused that who am I. This question was running in my head since last few days but ain't am able to find the answer ! Maybe i am just a soul who wanders in the lane of your dreams and fantasies or maybe just a poet who sings the thee  Read More...
Published on May 27,2020 06:12 PM
By Sash in Romance | Reads: 204 | Likes: 1
Falling deep in your eyes makes me feel my soul coming out and cherrishing you with all the love i have . You make me feel beautiful you make me feel myself you make me love myslef and thats what makes you  a perfect match for me. Eveyone nowadays is searching for so called perfect ideal but th  Read More...
Published on May 27,2020 06:31 PM
A twisted love tale
By BHAVNEET in Romance | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0
"toh kya hua ki main chala gya " the day when almost went in a upside down manner and i had to go . The day started when finally my mother was fine after long illness and i was happy for her so i went out abt 10 30 in the morning with my family . Everything was going good and i was happy because eve  Read More...
Published on May 27,2020 11:29 PM
The Unspoken Goodbye.
By Ayushi Zina in Romance | Reads: 585 | Likes: 4
Finally the much awaited day had arrived and there she stood scanning the people coming out of the arrival gate. Her face lit up catching sight of him. His face mirrored her reaction and out he came, gave her a cursory hug and they left for the hotel. As soon as they reached the room, he started op  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 01:57 AM
By deepa in Romance | Reads: 233 | Likes: 0
“What are you saying?” an ecstatic Eshan over the phone. All his colleagues gazed at him in amazement. Eshan was the copy editor with a fashion magazine in Mumbai. He had started out as an assistant and gradually within 6 years had become the copy editor. His best friend in the office  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 11:58 AM
jaane de mujhe
By UTSA in Romance | Reads: 183 | Likes: 0
Jaane De Mujhe First day of college, Adra entered the class room. She noticed a boy sitting alone on a bench. 'Hey! may I?'Arnab neither looked at her nor even replied. He just moved slightly making space for her. 'How weird he is?' She told to herself.She thought to introduce herself but done somet  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 12:36 PM
First Addiction
By Mitisha Mavani in Romance | Reads: 207 | Likes: 1
Expectations take you way too high in a world of imagination. There he was standing with a cigarette loosely hanging between his lips and his hair tousled messier than usual. “You’re smoking again?” I asked shaking my head. “Look who’s here! Coco!” he says rufflin  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 01:33 PM
I will await you
By Neeraja in Romance | Reads: 204 | Likes: 0
And so it began...  It seemed a fine evening until the rain started to pour down,not likely a sunny evening but its the perfect mood to with sip a cup of coffee and read a book with the rhythm of the rain in the background. Well am quite the romanticist ain't I? Thats what seems to be my proble  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 05:25 PM
By Al in Romance | Reads: 306 | Likes: 0
To you, I can see clearly from my cell the star you pointed at, the first time I asked you, “where would you stop”; though I can’t recall its name, can you? I write at night to avoid surveillance and to remember you better. It is so odd, I have forgotten almost everything. Now and   Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 12:28 AM
By Rachita in Romance | Reads: 307 | Likes: 1
Hm tumhare dil m rehna chahte the Tumne to daffa hi kr diya Khud kisi aur k saath jaake Hme bewafa kr diya  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 12:41 PM
The Story Of A Broken Doll!!
By Dhyani Patel in Romance | Reads: 298 | Likes: 0
“And the Author of the Year award goes to…the best-selling author since last three years…”   And with a slight smile on her beautiful but emotionless face, she advances towards the stage to receive the award.   Ma’am, would you like to say something regar  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 01:52 PM
the umbrella
By asad bhatti in Romance | Reads: 219 | Likes: 1
it's raining outside  want to meet her  but she didn't allow me  to come in this havey rain  alone in home  with lots of feelings  yahh, that's not alone I guess  but that's not the matter  I wanna meet her anyway  I just remind myself  with her gi  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 05:50 PM
Days Of Lockdown with Love ("DOLL")
By Rohankompella in Romance | Reads: 252 | Likes: 1
               "DOLL":-  Days of Lockdown with Love           The  birds chirping morning makes it more beautiful if it has a love filled good morning. The morning she said good morning to him, he replied with love you t  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 06:59 PM
By Meenakshi vyas in Romance | Reads: 261 | Likes: 0
तेरा ज़िक्र जब आता है ज़ुबा पर मेरे तो ये आँखें मानो चहक उठती है , तेरा नज़रें मिलाना औऱ मेरी आँखों में यूँ खो सा जाना बस   Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 07:52 PM