the kidnappers
#804 0(0)
Crime Thriller
The Cursed Hotel
#165 4.8(55)
Crime Thriller
Last supper
#427 4.9(7)
Crime Thriller
#562 5(3)
Crime Thriller
#682 5(1)
Crime Thriller
The Blurry Night
#324 5(14)
Crime Thriller
Serial Killer
#916 0(0)
Crime Thriller
Bhavna Matrimonial Services
#307 5(15)
Crime Thriller
The Summer House
#461 5(5)
Crime Thriller
The Cursed Lake
#310 5(15)
Crime Thriller
The call
#34 5(285)
Crime Thriller
Frog Face and Biker Angel
#434 4.6(7)
Crime Thriller
Auto Shankar
#20 5(548)
Crime Thriller
#394 4.5(10)
Crime Thriller
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National Writing Competition

The Hunt for India’s Next Big Writer

The objective of the National Writing Competition by Notion Press is to identify the best fiction writers in India.

Winners will be chosen based on ratings from readers & editorial ratings provided by our editors and publishing industry experts.

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Next Big Author: ₹25,000
This is awarded to the writer with the highest aggregate of Reader Reviews, Reads and Editorial scores.

Editor’s Choice: ₹15,000
This is awarded to the writer based on an editorial rating provided by our editors and publishing industry experts.

Reader’s Choice: ₹10,000
This is awarded to the writer based on the ratings and reviews provided by readers.

Top 22 Stories along with the winners of Next Big Writer, Editor’s choice & Reader’s choice will be published as an anthology by Notion Press.

Sway the odds in your favour in the competition and improve your chances of success. Follow this easy checklist to ensure your story climbs to the top.

1. Enter a great story.

2. Draw your reader in. The best short stories have compelling characters, distinct settings, gripping plotlines and impeccable spelling and grammar.

3. Your story page will help you sell your story. Email your story page weblink to people you know, and promote your story on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and anywhere else you want.

4. Get people to rate your story. Based on the number of stars your story receives, your points go up. For example, if you receive 5 stars, you will receive 50 points & 10 points for one star.

5. To enhance your chances of winning, you'll need to mobilize your fans, friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers. Make sure everyone knows that you're taking part in the Notion Press National Writing Competition. The more attention you get, the more points you'll receive.

Drive up those contest points. Contest Points are the key to winning the National Writing Competition. Contest Points are applied on the basis of reader and editorial ratings.

READER RATING: Readers can post their rating and reviews for each story they read. For every rating that the story receives, the writer gains points. If a story gets a 5 star rating, 50 points are added to the story. Alternatively, If a story gets a 1 star rating, 10 points are added to the story. Make sure to share your work with your friends and family to gain maximum points.

EDITORIAL RATING: Editorial rating is provided by editors and publishing industry experts. This has more bearing on your overall contest points and your chances of winning. These contest points are applied to every story in the last week of the contest.

1. There are no theme restrictions for your short story.

2. The contest is open to anyone living in India above the age of 13.

3. A participant can submit multiple entries.

4. The word limit for each story is 750 - 2,000 words.

5. The last day for submitting stories to the competition is 10th July 2022

6. Readers can add their ratings & reviews for the stories till 25th July, 2022. The stories will continue to gain points during this period.

7. The winners of the competition will be announced on 30th July, 2022.

8. The entries should not have been published in any form digitally or in print.

9. An anthology of the selected stories will be published as a Paperback and an eBook. These winning stories will also be featured on the Notion Press app.