You wrote a poem and sent it to me, I didn't expect to hear or see.. I loved the words, I loved their meaning.. I grew to know the man behind their weaving.. Few d  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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# Treasures #
By Shruti Vighne in Poetry
मै चाहती हूं तू मुझे मुझसे ज़्यादा चाहे टूटू मै तो तू भी बिखर जा  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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मैं चाहती हूं।
By Ruchita in Poetry
Last few days have almost been magic, I’ve been happier than I have been in ages Good, bad, ugly, glory, tragic, Guess I’ve seen almost all stages. Life has show  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Owe You
By Tanya Rana in Poetry
my idea of love is little old but surely a gold I want someone who knows that handwritten letters and notes are far more than flowers and gifts I want someone to put  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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My idea of love
Every haiku I Write , seems to find a way from Me to you and back ... Your deeds speak volumes My dear husband, I just wish you spoke a little too Sometimes I wond  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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my haikus to you
By Vibha Ramesh in Poetry
Love to me feels more like a seesawon days when his chat in my whatsapp list goes even lower than my self esteem after a two-minute instagram scroll,for it was just   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Swingset Love
By Anannya Singh in Poetry
Love teaches how to share and care Love is very powerful in nature  My love is unique like sapphire; I don't love for , for my love is unique, When I reach you plea  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Feb poetry
Isn't it tragic -- The feeling  Of being a foreigner In one's own body? As if you don't own it - He does. As if you can't control how it shivers at your own touch -  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Not our souls
My daddy is the shadow of my family My daddy is the backbone of my family My daddy never lie to my family My daddy is the world for my family I love my daddy and I  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Archana Maurya in Poetry
के वो महक अगरबत्ती की.. और मे सुट्टे का धुवा सा! वो खुशबू इञ की.. मे   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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मसला मजहब का !!
By shivaani raut (kastury) in Poetry
सुनो, मोहब्बत किसे कहते है पता नही पर सुना है कि जिसे चाहो बेइंत  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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हाँ आज भी है मोहब्बत तुमसे
By Akshu soni in Poetry
 You laughed like a metaphor I’ve been trying to write down for years, And if I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever,   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Ishita Shetye in Poetry
  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Drop a Petal
Dear future husband,  Before becoming a married couple,  Let's give each other a chance to get to know one another better.  Even Simran didn't recognize raj When   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Dear future husband
To the cute stranger I saw at the library today.   I saw you looking at me  And I wondered what u might be thinking of Because you didn't just look once but turne  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Crush at first sight