My first love
By SHRUTI SINGH in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 132 | लाइक: 0
Dear love; Hey  I remember our journey right from the start...The tragic one with intial pleasure Those feelings are as if they are innate And they are extant I cannot sever from the vibrations the giggles u gave me when u touched me when u comforted me with your words I remember the first day   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 31,2020 12:24 AM
Moving on
By Druhin C. in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 131 | लाइक: 0
"We dont talk anymore", i said. "Is it too late now to say sorry?",my best friend asked. "I wish I could tell them. They might even listen. They might even forgive and forget. They are genuinely good. I am not. Perhaps i messed up. Perhaps......perhaps we were never meant to be. Or perhaps it was my  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 14,2020 12:47 PM
Beauty Is Skin Deep.
By Sanjeev Gargish in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 131 | लाइक: 0
At a recently attended seminar, I found, to my dismay, that instead of listening to an erudite lecture on "Macroeconomic Variables", some members of the audience were mocking, in hushed tones, at the noted professor's simple clothes, dark skin and diminutive stature.    Sadly, things have   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 24,2020 02:24 PM
Now & Then
By Afra Romaan in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 131 | लाइक: 0
....... Before she used to be very naive ,  serving around a silver platter of her to everyone ..... unknown to all the greediness of them .... And readily all of them even feed on her ...... greedily ...... feeding on her trust , her love , her innocence,  her confidence .... everything!  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 30,2020 01:54 AM
Fifty years after
By Aysha Naurein in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 131 | लाइक: 0
Before you be my lover, know this.  I'm flawed, raw, real. I'm flesh and bones. I'm nothing like the girls you screenshot on Instagram.  I'm made up of emotions. I cry freely. But I don't cry in front of just about anyone. And if I do it in front of you, know that I consider you a mirror o  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 29,2020 04:21 PM
Three and Half Lilies
By prajwal in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 131 | लाइक: 0
7 july 2004, It was perfect day. The smell of first rain was lingering in the air, slight wind ruffling through the fallen leaves and in between the bed created by cherry blossoms lied an upright marble stone with a little slit at the bottom. A soothing music started to play in background. A man wal  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 14,2020 03:44 AM
Brave heart
By Saloni Bhargava in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 130 | लाइक: 0
Yes, I am a brave heart.  I rise above my sorrows,  just as a Phoenix rises from the ashes.  Yes, I am a brave heart.  I find solace in myself, when everyone leaves my side. Yes, I am a brave heart.  I listen to myself, even when the voices around me are deafeningly loud.&nb  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 29,2020 10:25 AM
By Sana Malhotra in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 130 | लाइक: 0
We often live in so much need of practicality and the need to walk up higher and higher that we forget what we are actually made of. We are not some sparkle and shine that the world has in store for us. We are made to spread the sparkle and shine that we are born with. Our roots define us. Our ances  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 25,2020 08:37 AM
Borrowed days...
By PETER PARKER in Travel | वाचलं गेलेलं: 130 | लाइक: 0
How would you feel, when you come to know that, you are living for just some days more and after that no one knows that how you would die... This thought is terrifying isn't it, but just imagine about that person, who comes to knows that, he is just left with some more days of his... And after that   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 21,2020 01:46 AM
By Soumita Raychaudhuri in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 130 | लाइक: 0
When I visit, I may not be - All violins and Kodak moments. I may be ordinary  Nothing to write back Home about.  Out of place With the- Marketed standards. I may not be  What TV tells you Or what the glossies Want you To believe. I am more Of a habit; A constant- Amidst all the&n  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 9,2020 08:14 PM
By Aashna Agrawal in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 129 | लाइक: 0
I Walked a street once, Till down set the sun, And the world screamed, “Run, run, run.”  Run,  Till the corporates win the race, Till the wealth freezes in their rich chambers, Till you’re hiding your face, From all your failed endeavours. Run,  Till the family val  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 14,2020 06:48 PM
Sometimes the 'I' in 'Me'...
By Rohit Dey in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 129 | लाइक: 0
I am a clean soul with shades of grayNot so angelic either, or have I any darkness to play?When the world would treat me with theirs 'songs of love...'I bow down to theirs lordly feet and find my hub.When the world would torment me with theirs indigenous poisonous heart...I don't drink it rather, de  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 29,2020 11:50 AM
A writer
By shreyash in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 129 | लाइक: 0
What a powerful weapon he got? He can make fire out of ice. He can turn an ordinary man into a Superman. He didn't lived once ,he had lived a thousand  of lives and died yet another thousand times. He is a live saver and murderer at the same time. He is the one  full of love while being th  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Mar 23,2020 02:33 PM
I don't care
By jerilim in True Story | वाचलं गेलेलं: 129 | लाइक: 0
     Not a day to remember, but i iemember ur frnd that event 'Treasure hunt' in which u have to find some props that are kept at some places in campus. It's quite a fun and creative game for first yearite engineering students ,after all the two years of IIT naam ka jaap makes u a mag  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 12,2020 03:27 AM
My Life Prescription
By Bharathi Pakkirisamy in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 129 | लाइक: 0
After two years of  working as Doctor in famous hospital, Chennai and used to accept it. Every day is hectic day in my job. My skipped Breakfast forced me to go to canteen nkw because I got only thirty minutes to have my lunch. " Yes mom, she is sleeping I came to get lunch for dad". I heard a   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 19,2020 02:01 PM