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Contact your Publishing Consultant to determine how much you'll earn for every book sold in other channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Recommended Minimum Selling Price?

    Recommended Minimum Selling Price is the least Selling Price that can be set for your book. This is calculated taking into account the printing and distribution costs associated with your book.

  • How do I set the Selling Price for my book?

    You can set any number higher than the Recommended Minimum Selling Price for your book. As soon as you type a Selling Price, you get to see how much you will earn via each of our sales channels. Play around till you arrive at an optimal Selling Price for your book.

  • Why do I have to contact my publishing consultant to determine my book's earnings when sold in other channels?

    While we can give you an estimate of your author earnings from the Notion Press Bookstore, it is difficult to estimate the charges from other sales channels as each store/distributor takes a different percentage. While we are working with all our partners to standardize these costs, we appreciate your patience and would be happy to manually help you calculate revenues from various channels. Your publishing consultant or project manager can provide you with the expected earnings per copy from various channels where your book will be sold.