A Conversation Starter
By Gautam Aggarwal in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 328 | Likes: 4
‘Hey! Millet. Wait for me’, shouted Dan, briskly trying to walk and catch up with Millet. ‘Hello Dan,’ replied Millet, as he stopped in his steps and watched Dan swiftly make his way to him. ‘Look at us walking towards the same workplace everyday. We should do it  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 07:11 PM
Only if you let me do
By Ritika Garg in Poetry | Reads: 119 | Likes: 1
I wish I could dive into you,And take out all the sorrow.I wish I could start fires with what I feel for you, And burns everything that could tear us apart.I wish I could blossom the withered flowers,And spruce up the pathways to our destiny.I wish I could be your halo,And extricate you from stultif  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 05:27 PM
The poor man and Rich man
By Rajareddy in Thriller | Reads: 127 | Likes: 1
Once open a time there was a man does who not have money but he helps others one day he as so hungry is is there near is home he want to eat anything but he doesn't have money he is asking to others for money when he was asking one man who has so much money.then the man was going near from him the t  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 05:10 PM
Volume 1: What's in a name?
By Prajwal k p in Fantasy | Reads: 104 | Likes: 0
1 It was monsoon in all its might. The downpour was heavy with low lying areas stagnating with water. I saw breeding mosquitoes and larvae inside an open coconut shell filled with water. Social medicine came to mind as I recalled the malaria cycle in my head and chuckled to myself. Ironic how the fo  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 05:04 PM
Pandemic Effects
By Ishaana Dayal in General Literary | Reads: 157 | Likes: 3
        Pandemic Effects         by Ishaana Dayal   There are lots of before and afters this year (2020) it is being very challenging. For kids like us, all the classroom teachings have changed into online classes.     &  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 04:42 PM
Hate is Heavy,let it go
By Ishsirjan Kaur Chandok in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 3
I know what it feels like When your hearts on strike When they've wronged you And you didn't have a clue And now every bit of you hates them It feels incomplete like a prayer with amen You're angry  You're angry to believe them when they held your hand Looked into you eyes and told you they lov  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 04:22 PM
Meri Ma ❤
By Charmi Jain in Poetry | Reads: 89 | Likes: 1
Mothers are caring,They are very daring,They are so kind,To anyone you can find. They teach us manners,Helps in making banners,They like making doodles,Who cooks our favourite noodles.They are our first teachers,And also our preachers,They fill our tummy,By making our food yummy.They don't like us t  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 03:49 PM
By Charmi Jain in Poetry | Reads: 90 | Likes: 1
You are my day,You are my night,You make my way,For all things right.You know how to cook,You know how to shake,You read me my favorite book,And you don't take a break.You love to play,You help me with my test,You know how to slay,Since you are the best.You make it seem easy,You make it look so ligh  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 03:47 PM
i had to propose a girl.
By arun raj in True Story | Reads: 211 | Likes: 1
And thus slowly my first semester was over,And then comes the second semester when I and my friends opened up and did a variety of adventures.Like going to the hostel's boundary to go to drink tea and just Satania started and Makkari made it home and we started going to college work because he was g  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 03:44 PM
Love ❤
By Charmi Jain in Poetry | Reads: 93 | Likes: 1
Love is kind,Love is to care,Love is blind,Cuz love is to be fair.Love is hollow, Love is liking, I hope you follow,Why this is striking.Love is sad,Love is pain,It makes you mad,But there's a lot to gain.Love is shy,Love makes your cry,What shall I say oh my,Love is all about try.Love is   Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 03:44 PM
What I See in the Mirror
By Renuka Krishnaraja in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0
What I see in the mirror...If I had to fairly defineWhat I see in mirror today,And what it reflects back on me,At the very first glance I would say,I see a rather composite imageBrushed with different strokes of life.I see flashes of all the cold and heat,That changing seasons have swept upon.I see   Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 02:32 PM
Single p single
By Vishakha Sanger in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0
Published on Jun 22,2020 01:22 PM
Attitude shayari
By Vishakha Sanger in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0
Ghamand mat kar apne dimag  Par ee dost.  Jitna tere pass hai  Utna mera kharab reha hai!!  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 01:20 PM
When I looked at you
By Happy in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0
So this story is about a girl named Happy and what happened when she faced her fear in a very obvious manner but still became a funny story to tell.  "We have been traveling whole day today, I love it but I'm glad we finally reached Grandma's house. I can finally rest now" she thought As she la  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 12:53 PM
Coffee-Mug (Half empty story)
By Ayush Rathore in Romance | Reads: 169 | Likes: 1
My eyes never blinked while making an eye contact, slowly but softly I was about to touch her hands , she Also leaned towards me,  putting her hands on the table close to me. we pushed our coffee mugs aside. somehow I got an excuse to hold her hands and I became a palm reader no matter how stu  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 11:56 AM