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PLEASE LIKE PLZ PLZ PLZ AND SHARE IF YOU LIKE THE STORY PLZ GUYS......I AM A 12 YEAR OLD BOY PLZ SUPPORT ME..  RELIGION (PART-1) As you all know that human made the term =) Religion. It is to distiniguish between the peoples according to their castes. It is not God made. There are many castes   Read More...
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Preconceived notion of marriage
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Today I  was looking at my sibling quitely and was feeling so happy to see them playing together.Getting the equal treatment ,same love,education.And then instantly a thought  came to my mind. Yes , I have the habit of overthinking which i think is pretty much helpful at times. A day will   Read More...
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அரசமரத்தடி பிள்ளையார்
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“பிள்ளையாரும் தான், வீதியெங்கும், சந்திக்களிலும், அரசமரத்தடிகளிலும் காத்திருக்கிறார். எதற்காக காத்திருக்கி 
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Ganesha under the royal tree
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"Ganesha is waiting all over the street, at junctions, under the royal trees. What is he waiting for? People tell the story that he is waiting for his wife to be like his mother. But, my view is that Ganesha, the God of knowledge, is sitting at the junctions and under the trees to save the unwitting  Read More...
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