रिश्ते का कत्ल
By ramashery in Fantasy | Reads: 86 | Likes: 0
आज समाज में रिश्तों का इस तरह मज़ाक बनाया जा रहा है जिसे हम कभी कल्पना नहीं  कर सकते है इसी पर आधारित एक लघु नाटिका क  Read More...
Published on Jun 21,2020 10:59 AM
Volume 1: What's in a name?
By Prajwal k p in Fantasy | Reads: 64 | Likes: 0
1 It was monsoon in all its might. The downpour was heavy with low lying areas stagnating with water. I saw breeding mosquitoes and larvae inside an open coconut shell filled with water. Social medicine came to mind as I recalled the malaria cycle in my head and chuckled to myself. Ironic how the fo  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 05:04 PM
The boy who fed on nightmares
By jellybean in Fantasy | Reads: 7,272 | Likes: 6
A long, long time ago, there lived a small boy in a far away village. The boy loved to dream, Every night he went to bed another adventure will be awaiting him. One night as he closed his eyes to enter the land of dreams for a fascinating adventure but instead a horrible nightmare woke him up with a  Read More...
Published on Jun 22,2020 09:13 PM
A Brave Dream
By minal deshveni in Fantasy | Reads: 67 | Likes: 1
Hey guys, I' m Minal. How are you all. Hope all are good and doing well. So today i'm here to talk to you all about something called bravery or you can also call it standing for yourself and for others. I'm talking about my Dream i saw today in the afternoon when i was taking a nap. Its not a dream   Read More...
Published on Jun 23,2020 05:46 AM
By C. MADAN MOHAN in Fantasy | Reads: 82 | Likes: 1
There was a boy named Lovo, he lives in one of the modern villages of our world. He used to go to school with his friend, Bofu a fat, short, plum guy. They are studying in fifth grade. Lovo’s father works for a rich man as accounts manager. Even though they are poor family, they lead a happy   Read More...
Published on Jul 13,2020 11:43 AM
Shane Gloop and the Hooting Pigeons
By Priyajit Biswal in Fantasy | Reads: 61 | Likes: 1
Once upon a time, there was a pointy boy called Shane Gloop. He was on the way to see his friend, Tommy Chan when he took an abrupt cut through Greendale Forest. It wasn't long before Shane got lost. He looked around, but all he could see was trees. Nervously, he felt into his bag for his favourite   Read More...
Published on Jul 13,2020 06:35 PM
The worst of us here, the best of us-somewhere else?
By Veronika Sarafaraz in Fantasy | Reads: 210 | Likes: 1
CONTENT Chapter-1 Introduction of Adam Chapter-2 The Beginning Chapter-3 Let's pack Chapter-4 Here we Go... Chapter-5 About Lunar System Chapter-6 Getting to know about Rocket Robot Chapter-7 Getting to know about this planet Chapter-8 A Stranger Chapter-9 Their culture Chapter-10 Unexpected Inciden  Read More...
Published on Jul 14,2020 09:03 PM
The Kingdom of Nature
By Veronika Sarafaraz in Fantasy | Reads: 132 | Likes: 1
(A tale related to nature and a lesson for all to learn) Once upon a time, there was a kingdom with lots of trees and animals. The people of the kingdom (especially children) loved nature. The people of the kingdom loved nature so much that their kingdom's name was 'The Kingdom of Nature'. They used  Read More...
Published on Jul 15,2020 10:20 AM
By Surendra Kumar Sagar in Fantasy | Reads: 200 | Likes: 0
ARRIVAL     I was there  .. during that first second .. perhaps even before that. Yes I was there .. in that Quark soup .. and so were you.                        I entered  Read More...
Published on Jul 22,2020 12:02 PM
Mother and sons
By sourav mishra in Fantasy | Reads: 70 | Likes: 1
There was a family were a mother was five sons. She was widow she take care to her children. She never eat before then there children and goes to bed after sleeping there children.                                  &  Read More...
Published on Jul 23,2020 04:53 PM
A Girl
By SWATHI CHOUGALA in Fantasy | Reads: 86 | Likes: 2
I see this girl everyday vividly, faraway at a distance from me, like on the other side  She's bright like the sun, beautiful like a flower, smiling always, she has short hairs, not a burden I thought, her skin is red like full of blood, she is alone but not unhappy  She lives happily in t  Read More...
Published on Jul 24,2020 04:40 PM
By Surendra Kumar Sagar in Fantasy | Reads: 201 | Likes: 1
                                                           THAT .. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN .. WAS A SUPERNOVA             &  Read More...
Published on Jul 25,2020 05:28 PM
By Surendra Kumar Sagar in Fantasy | Reads: 166 | Likes: 0
ELECTRIC   LIFE (In continuation of my earlier articles ``Arrival`` and `That Ladies and Gentlemen .. was a Supernova``) AND SO .. AFTER GOING THRUGH THE SUPERNOVA .. I BECAME AN ATOM OF CARBON Subjected to the stupendous shock, I was at first dismembered to my original state (as in my b  Read More...
Published on Aug 11,2020 07:52 PM
That's not my fault
By Deepika Manwani in Fantasy | Reads: 121 | Likes: 2
It's a world full of imaginations that a child has, nobody understood that. How he comes out of it that's interesting.  "Chirag stay here don't go outside", his mother shouted out. Still Chirag doesn't stopped and run out. His mother ran after him. She caught him and asked ,” Where are yo  Read More...
Published on Aug 23,2020 09:46 AM
a hard working person
By ujjwal in Fantasy | Reads: 68 | Likes: 0
once there was two person named alex and steve. they live in austraila. alex work in rio tinto and steve worked at NAB. so, steve was hard working person and alex was a lazy person. one day at the office of steve (NAB) the maneger of NAB comes on steve place where he work maneger of NAB said " steve  Read More...
Published on Aug 26,2020 05:18 PM