In Love With A Slut!
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The wait for her was proving to be a nasty one. As usual she was late for the meeting, turning me into an impatient kid. Meanwhile, I had a close look around the place I was sitting. It was evening time so I could see old couples walking in the park with pets. Some of them have come with their gran  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 09:29 AM
My Trapped Soul
By Samadrita Roy in Romance | Reads: 85 | Likes: 0
It was a rainy evening.. I was reading my all-time favourite novel. The room was dark, only the rest chair and my book were lit up by the tiny lamp shade.  The sound of rain and smell of the mud was soothing me. At that very moment I heard a tap on the door. I knew the tap. It was rythemic- the  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 11:11 AM
अच्छा लगता है।
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मैं अक्सर नजरें फेर लेती हूँ तेरे साथ होने पे, तेरा चोरी~चुपके से मुझे निहारना, दिल को बेहद अच्छा जो लगता है। सीधे रा  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 11:32 AM
Making Love
By Niti Samani in Romance | Reads: 352 | Likes: 9
It is said that destiny is already written down. It is stagnant, unchanging and what is going to happen will happen no matter what. I disagree. Completely. I believe that destinies have been written down on lots of forked path and it is on the series of choices of these forked paths, that we reach   Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 02:18 PM
Mirror on the wall
By Darpan Chandalia in Romance | Reads: 105 | Likes: 0
We underwent our seperate journeys of choosing "rented houses" and eventually giving up those "homes". Until we decided to move in together. I have always been sceptical about the size of the mirror on the bathroom wall. But ours felt just fine. It allowed you and me to co-exist. I learnt to differe  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 04:00 PM
Love tells tale
By Heba Abdul Kadeer in Romance | Reads: 145 | Likes: 3
The rays of sun scattered and beamed through glass of my window. It was eleven o'clock as I woke up and sat lazily on couch. My mother handed me a cup of coffee and kept breakfast on my table. My parents had uploaded my profile in all matrimonial sites. Groom's hunt had begun and they were waiting t  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 10:55 PM
By souradip gupta in Romance | Reads: 123 | Likes: 2
Each monsoon, the silvery hilsa fish comes here to lay their eggs. An open field at the end of the village, if you cross and take an acute turn towards left from the other end you'll find marshes, a shallow lake with gulls nesting on its brim.It is drizzling. The drizzle-drops are continuously touch  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 11:54 PM
Second love
By Prachiti Karanjavkar in Romance | Reads: 142 | Likes: 1
Yes , you read it right. The Second love... The story is about a heart broken girl who had a break up from her loved one. But we can't say her as a love failure, because from her side it was a pure true love for a person she loves from her school days. He was her only male friend.She used to share h  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 02:13 AM
The quarantine truth
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He told me to wait. Wait till the lockdown was over. The excitement to meet him ended the moment I got to know that my man is in love with someone else.   Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 02:46 AM
By ishita in Romance | Reads: 117 | Likes: 1
You trembling to enter the city because it's your first time out of comfort. Excited. Newly achieved freedom. And what not ? We're making plans to meet soon but you don't know that I'm gonna walk up to your door as the sun creeps your window . You seem happy , I'm waiting to see you react to my firs  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 05:01 AM
मोहब्बत चीज ही ऐसी
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मोहब्बत चीज  ही ऐसी जो पैसों पर नहीं पलता जहां मतलब आ जाए वहां मोहब्बत नहीं रहता कहानी प्रसिद्ध मोहब्बत की जमाना   Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 07:24 AM
इश्क तेरा
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शांत मगर झील सी गहरी आंखें, खामोश होकर भी अनगिनत बातें करते लब, बातें भी ऐसी इश्क की चाशनी में डुबी हुई हो जैसी, मुखड़  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 02:13 PM
Rumi Spoke
By Shruthi Srinivasan in Romance | Reads: 134 | Likes: 0
Published on Apr 15,2020 05:28 PM
By asok kumar in Romance | Reads: 161 | Likes: 1
வலி நிறைந்த காதல் அது ஒரு அழகான மாலை நேரம் அன்று அவளை பார்த்த அந்த நிமிடம் அவன் மனதில் வந்த காதல் அதுதான் அவனின  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 05:48 PM
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"Do this for me please Namy...please know how much i hate homeworks right?..please agree"Naksh was begging me always...while Riya ignored his chants and continued with hers..i tried to ignore him..i couldn' could i?He was my first love...even though i wasnt his...I couldn  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 06:51 PM