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Heba Abdul Kadeer

Writer & Teacher
Writer & Teacher

Love tells tale

By Heba Abdul Kadeer in Romance | Reads: 151 | Likes: 3

The rays of sun scattered and beamed through glass of my window. It was eleven o'clock as I woke up and sat lazily on couch. My mother handed me a cup of coffee and kept breakfast on my table. My parents had uploaded my profile in all matrimonial sites. Groom's hunt had begun and they were waiting t  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 10:55 PM

Love lasts, lasts

By Heba Abdul Kadeer in Poetry | Reads: 108 | Likes: 1

When I think of how my days should be spent, All I could look back is how it went.  In a melancholy holding breath.  Desperate to caress you like a Web, My love for you is quest. Each day hoping to quench my thirtst Ah, What a Love it is? That makes me weak, showing me the pathways to reac  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 01:27 PM

Fear and Fear Not

By Heba Abdul Kadeer in Poetry | Reads: 111 | Likes: 1

For over ages and ages! It accompanied man in all stages  Breeding upon the minds and Hearts Despoil to lose their thoughts  Seven deadly sins as they go Frowned at the eight one as it comes The deadliest venom that sprang and shun Hailing aloof in a darkest crumb At the eleventh hour thre  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 12:52 PM

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