I am reminding
By manpreet kaur in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
I'm reminding me of  one of my poems it is sounding  as if it is a song playing  again and again in my mind recruiting me to my own aptitude I feel I'm jumping from  cloud to cloud Hopscotching around     I'm reminding me of motherhood ,womanhood , shehood, and everythi  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 06:58 AM
A journey
By Rakhi in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Floating through a reckless river  Got to the boundless shore Celebrated it as a victory But it was all a lot more . Had to live numerous phases Had to face the countless edginesses Ran through them with all efforts But they went in vain as it was eternal   The deeds I did were given back   Read More...
Published on Jun 8,2020 11:21 AM
By Namrata Dev in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
You never really know what she's upto Or where she's from The good place, the bad place maybe the purgatory but when she comes it aint pretty She knows you inside out and you can deny all you want she's got it all in her fingertips without doubt She strikes you the hardest when you're low and leave   Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 11:11 PM
By Rushil Malik in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
She was pretty, intoxicating and every man's wildest fantasy. She searched for love in every kiss, in every hug, in every touch, in every promise, in every conversation. She never found solace in any man's arms, solitude bonded her soul. She was a fool to search for her soulmate in places that could  Read More...
Published on Apr 25,2020 12:02 AM
By Iqra Mohiudin in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Blue in a day, Black at night   Dusk and dawn Make it bright   Amid the enormous sky, Imbibe the aura of realism at the behest   Woods soaring, Birds sing lullaby   And the gushing waters let caravan flee; Precise formations are the nods of His Phoenix and excellence.   He h  Read More...
Published on Jun 3,2020 10:03 PM
Umbilical connect
By yashmin Pattnaik in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
UMBILICAL CONNECT She smiles with tears in eyes, She weeps with nectar in heart, She greets with unbound cheers, Piousness never falling apart; She is a mother. They say the first day with you is best. Eyes half shut body begging for rest. Next day eyes peeping through the crib; And that novel surre  Read More...
Published on Apr 17,2020 12:48 AM
No, no, it’s not about you
By rashika sachan in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Hey! It’s not about you, him, he or anyone It’s about my feelings.I wanna write about the betrayal or the hatred you can ever do to someone.No no not about you, him, he or anyone It’s about my feelings.I wanna write about women about their aches About their aching fe  Read More...
Published on May 18,2020 01:13 AM
The journey of "self love"
By Swapnil Singh in General Literary | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Today after long time I met this girl, a little more broken on inside, a little more humble on outside. Heart all so intact and feelings all so scrambled.  There were numerous scars, no..not those you see on a naked body but the kind you had get a glimpse if you get close enough to see her nak  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 01:05 AM
Searching for my soul
By R. Dharani in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
                  Searching for my soul      I just wake up, but I didn't open my eyes     The wind blows, I feel the Sun raise,     I feel that my hands are moving     And I feel that my toes are dancing,  Read More...
Published on Jun 1,2020 01:15 PM
By Bhargavi kulkarni in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Lost in my thoughts, trying to find a way..There is a lot to do , a lot to say.A lot that my heart wants to scream out loud,My brain is trying to resolve the never ending feud..I don't recognize the person I have become over years,Don't know whether this is making me weak or helping me fight my fear  Read More...
Published on Jun 1,2020 01:36 PM
Corona Fight
By Novice Writer in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Let’s pray, let’s fight, The tough time is about to arrive, Not a joke to be taken so light, It’s time for all of us to unite! The virus has started to consume, Let’s join both of our hands, It’s time to control the fumes, Can’t we stay in for our motherland? Ti  Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 03:21 AM
Can you ?
By Reena Syunary in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
CAN YOU!? Can you call me back? When i'm all tired and alone The butterflies are dead Feel like i'm without a home. I was in my own world  When you came and touched my heart Then you left me like a dog In the streets going wild..  ~Rsy #writeyourheartout #writeyourheartout #lilsong #lilpoe  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 11:21 PM
By Ariana Scarlet in Poetry | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
I was scared and lost , I was at my worse . My mother said " you are being too much! " I said " am I ? " She left me in dirt  And said she " you are dead to me ! " Father said " stay strong! You have to be " " Am I not strong enough? See you people fight all day long? " Said I . " Shut up ! Yo  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 11:48 PM
Together Forever
By Shravani in True Story | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
Love is not just emotion. When you transform from selfish to selfless then it's truly shows that you are in love. Love is a miracle which converts you in something which you never imagined. No one cannot be happy all the time or can't be smiley face always. But love is the power which keeps lovers   Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 04:11 PM
Life is very beautiful
By Swati Thakur in True Story | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0
In my life I experience my thinks like love trust respect but I learned from my life that no-one it's you to encourage yourself live for yourself because there is only one life which never comes if somebody say you are bad tell them you are good and bad for yourself not for others always think mirac  Read More...
Published on May 9,2020 11:34 PM