Bhawna Tagra

It just happens

By Bhawna Tagra in Romance | Reads: 176 | Likes: 0

It had been five years today. She drapes a beautiful red Banarasi saree while he looks charming in his black tuxedo. It was a very special night, to one they have waited for since five years. It was time for them to go. They looked at each other, eyes filled with so much trust and contentment. He as  Read More...

Published on Jun 8,2020 01:03 AM

Here and There

By Bhawna Tagra in Poetry | Reads: 146 | Likes: 0

Here and there People everywhere Where to find peace He thinks over there  So much sound So much crowd He looked astound Found a man old Asked the question gold How can peace be found, sir? Look inside yourself, my dear  All the answers lie there He smiled and went back Found a spot and sa  Read More...

Published on May 28,2020 05:32 PM

Man vs Man

By Bhawna Tagra in General Literary | Reads: 181 | Likes: 0

That handsome man with pride His black crisp suit with matching tie  Oh what a beautiful sight! That poor man with the smile His torn shirt and no style  Oh what a sore sight! One man hits the dog, the other feeds the dog One man doesn’t gives a damn, the other smiles at all One m  Read More...

Published on May 25,2020 11:57 PM

Why do people rush?

By Bhawna Tagra in Poetry | Reads: 315 | Likes: 0

Oh boy! He wondered  While the sky thundered Sitting above he pondered While folks down wandered Why do people rush? Do they have time very less Or are their lives a big mess Their faces just spell stress  Like players of chess Why do people rush? Oh people! Just look around Stop and don  Read More...

Published on May 25,2020 07:17 PM

Lost and Found

By Bhawna Tagra in Romance | Reads: 387 | Likes: 3

It was 6 a.m. The sky was reddish and the breeze was cool. However, she sweated and shivered at the same time. She opened the window to feel the air. The coolness might calm her down. She looked at her phone in her hand and pressed the play button. "I'll be reaching Delhi tonight at 8 p.m, please me  Read More...

Published on May 25,2020 05:52 PM

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