Carefree Songs
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 176 | Likes: 2
Carefree Songs Birds sang their carefree songs After a beautiful twilight and nights so long The nature alone affords, the mystical enchantment I can only get surprised in amazement The sunshine has their own carefree songs With heating beats and energetic tunes Every season unfolds uniqueness Becom  Read More...
Published on Sep 6,2020 08:00 PM
Yearn to repair
By Kanchan Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
At night, My heart cry in anguish,The world I visualize with my orifices,Had emotions that I urge to distinguish. The wonderful faces I glimpse, Keep their sorrow wearing a smile on the cheeks. Some deluded by loved onesSome suffer from house trauma Some cover their sin to look pleasant Some reveal   Read More...
Published on Sep 6,2020 09:29 PM
Me Time
By Komal Oza in General Literary | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0
Today I want to tell you guys about the me time.What is "me time" according to you ? What do you mean when you say me time? While the words are pretty self explanatory,the fact that one needs to have time and give some time for oneself is quite underrated. In the busy life that we all are in, we oft  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 04:32 AM
The Brave Girl
By Jeet sannigrahi in General Literary | Reads: 101 | Likes: 2
Are those medicines okay? Have you checked them?" "Yes dear, twice to be precise. Don't you worry." "Okay okay, but the dates! They might have been expired." "I've checked them them as well, now be a good girl and just have the pills, okay." Shilpa took the pills from Ravi's hands, drunk some water   Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 11:14 AM
It is enough human!!
By Mahati Stars in True Story | Reads: 98 | Likes: 2
hey,you know what?most people think they are the one who suffer,they are the one with nothing,even a millionaire kid thinks "why dont buy those for me?uh??",hm...let me tell you an example,when William Shakespeare was a kid,age??? i don't know,probably he may be now as me,ok that isnt important righ  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 12:44 PM
What’s with the Marriage (Part -1)
By Ram in Romance | Reads: 84 | Likes: 1
Marriage! Indian constitution made Minimum age as 21 and Indian society made the maximum age as 30. What’s wrong with the marriage in late 30s or 40s? Parents think to have their children to start a family soon so that they don’t do something that’s not according to their wish. Strictly speaki  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 01:46 PM
What’s with the Marriage (Part-2)
By Ram in Romance | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0
Divorce! Life will be obviously different and difficult after a divorce. But it isn’t supposed to be that way or it isn’t planned to be that way. Some relations aren’t meant to be forever. That’s it. When speaking about the marriages in India, its the love marriages that are failing to be th  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 01:51 PM
What’s with the Marriage (Part-3)
By Ram in Romance | Reads: 84 | Likes: 0
Post Divorce! The first thing that happens after a divorce is the non acceptance by the society. Which in turn leads to a bad impact on the person mainly speaking on the woman. Always and always, marriage and divorce are decisions but why one is celebrated and the other is stigmatized. The impact so  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 01:59 PM
The complexity between generations
By Ram in True Story | Reads: 85 | Likes: 0
Generations!! There’s never any problem with the same generation but there’s always problem with predecessors or successors. Why? We never try to understand the people from same generation but always brain storm to understand about other generations. In India particularly, people always find mis  Read More...
Published on Sep 9,2020 05:09 PM
God's Gaze
By Mridula Singh in True Story | Reads: 188 | Likes: 0
Kush was just in grade one. Unlike most kids for whom the four walls' learning is boredom, it was a joyful experience for him. The class which he enjoyed the most was his moral values class with his principal ma'am. His level of interest grew manifold in that one hour. One day ma'am told them an int  Read More...
Published on Sep 9,2020 11:56 PM
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 137 | Likes: 0
Beyond The freedom of life is living well and knowing beyond It takes a lot, if you sensibly respond Happily welcome, the breathing bond Each exhalation follows the inhalation It's deadly if stops the next round Nobody has idea, what is beyond Expectations are fooling, rising on the ground It's time  Read More...
Published on Sep 10,2020 09:03 PM
Still in love!
By Deepika in Poetry | Reads: 93 | Likes: 0
Still in love! He was an Ordinary man, Yet I am in love with him, He was not any hero, Yet he was my hero, He did everything ordinary, Yet it felt extraordinary, He wasn't a perfect dream boy, Yet he became one, He was boring to others, Yet he was charismatic, He was special to me, He is special to  Read More...
Published on Sep 11,2020 02:26 PM
End of an Era
By Tom Thomas in General Literary | Reads: 95 | Likes: 0
End of an era “ India approaches 60000 COVID deaths” reads the headlines of the paper today.  A statistic that one is getting inured to over the past few months of hearing about the pandemic through lockdown and thereafter.  That is , unless one is affected by a close one succumbing to the d  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2020 09:16 AM
The rule of life
By yusra fatma (Rushi) in Poetry | Reads: 170 | Likes: 4
wow!!! How wonderful is the rule of life, doesn't matter you are telling truth or lie. No one cares you are happy or sad, but everyone will judge you are good or bad. A smile should always be on your face, doesn't fact it is real or fake. If you are a girl and 16-18 is your age, then you have to liv  Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2020 12:30 PM
By GURNISH KAUR in Romance | Reads: 181 | Likes: 3
LOVE The eyes of yours made me the lover , I want that you make me resides in you . It's called love . My heart always says to me he is my breath ,All the time my words says to me the words are for him , When you talk , the vibes you give, When I remember them , the flowers start spreading their   Read More...
Published on Sep 12,2020 05:06 PM