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Battlefield of Life

Books by Kartik Trivedi

This book is a self help book dealing with the most common topics and problems of our daily life. It has chapters, articles, reports, quotes, poems, and real stories to motivate dear readers.

The inspiring articles that can help to approach, expressing your inner genius while living with joy and enlightenment. This book is comprised with articles and thoughts related to our real life. Our life that has a lot of problems and we just walk bare

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He. Never. Lost.

Books by Kartik Trivedi

Robert Wadlow is a simple man with a boring job. This job turns exciting when he finds out that one of his friends is getting thrice the salary. To find out more about this case, Robert travels to India, accompanying his boss. Next morning, his boss is found dead in the room beside Robert's.

How will Robert prove that he isn't the bad guy? Read this mystery thriller to find out!

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By Kartik Trivedi in Mystery | Reads: 357 | Likes: 1

  What happens when a set of identical twin men commit countless thieving that they  plan together, but continuously use each  other as an alibi?     Police haven’t tried that tactic, but they  have employed a variety of methods to  distinguish twins. Sometimes,  circumstances clear up the  Read More...

Published on Oct 10,2020 08:23 AM

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