Jispe Ho Khuda ki Meher...
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Jispe Ho Khuda ki meher Uska Naam se Kya Subah Ho ya Shaam Uska Kaam se Kya  Na Ho Soch koi Uska shikwon se Kya Maut bhi aa jaye Toh kismat Se Kya Hai Jispe Maula ki nazar Toh Insanon Se kya "Andaaz-e-Lakhnau   Read More...
Published on Apr 1,2020 01:45 PM
The Lockdown
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Maybe we needed this To rearrange our wardrobes and to reformulate our opinions   Maybe we needed this to sip our coffees in silence to read that book accumulating dust on our bookshelf To call that long-lost friend who we always forget to check on To spend more time with family And more i  Read More...
Published on Mar 27,2020 10:30 PM
The day we come out of the lockdown
By farida rangwala in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
The day we come out  Of the lockdown, May be the sun would shower The light brighter than before. The deserted streets Would throb with a dazzle of life, The smiles on our faces, Would be wider and pure. The breeze would be pristine With the smell of empathy That would have won over Our hearts   Read More...
Published on May 25,2020 10:14 PM
By Dowris in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 1
The cool breeze hits my face And makes me refresh again    The rain drops fallen And keeps me awake   This rainbow has become the source of my happiness   Everytime I go out  this nature Pull me in its encase    All you need is a right sight and this world will bec  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 01:07 PM
By Asha Bhandari in True Story | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
His  laugh imitated the weather outside. It was  loud as a thunder, lighting up the world around, so captivating that i couldn't focus on anything else. A regular night with two friends enjoying the alluring weather.     He was talking about the girl he was seeing. It didn't feel  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 01:31 PM
By Karthikeyeni Baskaran in True Story | Reads: 180 | Likes: 2
     It's been more than 3 weeks. Kayal is the one who used to text him first. She had no ego in doing so. Again it's been more than 3 weeks.  She texted him every day morning, noon ,evening, night and getting replies like Stars in the sky while raining (meant no replies)! Even a  Read More...
Published on Apr 17,2020 07:07 PM
Muddled Intelligence
By Smriti Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
We waste our time worrying about the past, Commodities that hardly last, Bitter memories that bring a tear, Cruel words ,sharper than a spear. Don't either be too apprehensive about you future, We are all just a petty human creature, What house will you buy, which places will you go? Worrying is al  Read More...
Published on Apr 17,2020 09:34 PM
By Virgin Heart in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 1
कुछ अनकही बाते है जो मैं बयान करना चाहता हूं, मन में बहुत सारे सवाल है जिनके मैं जवाब ढूंढ़ना चाहता हूं, अगर इस स्थित  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 11:44 PM
Conversation with myself
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Conversation with myself Hey there. It's been a while since we talked. I see that you've grown tremendously since the last time. You're happier now. I'm glad. Or maybe we shouldn't call it happiness.  You just learnt how to live and love yourself. And that's pretty much a good thing. I couldn't  Read More...
Published on Jun 1,2020 09:24 PM
A Realization
By Maitrayee Vaishnav in General Literary | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
With a ray of a beam of bright Sun, coming out with lost hopes, broaden scopes, and faith in it. Spreads these shafts of light from the east. Playing hide and seek with the boy, who was still asleep in his bed. He woke up with the one of the rays on his face, which came from the nearby window, with  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 12:25 AM
A Dark Place
By Krishika Agarwal in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
It was two in the morning andWe were at the rooftop.Just like in the movies,The time, for us, had stopped. Our hands were entwinedAnd so were our soulsWe had a lot to look forward to:Our lives, our futures and our goals. But in that moment,We just wanted to live.No prejudices, no biases,Just some in  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 07:02 PM
By Deepak Kumar in General Literary | Reads: 180 | Likes: 1
"अगर इस दुनिया में प्रसिद्ध होना चाहतें हो तो, आज से मेहनत करना शुरू कर दो, क्योंकि आज का दिन, कल का इतिहास हैं, !  Read More...
Published on May 19,2020 09:23 AM
Adore the nature
By srinidhi in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 1
Trees r telling us no matter where just be rooted Mountains r asking us to stand hard no matter wat Sky is showing us the saga of serenity Wind goes around just as phases of life  Flowing water  makes us to flourish through the journey  Fire asks us to get enlighten from hardshi  Read More...
Published on Jun 2,2020 11:48 AM
What matters?
By Shreya Bankar in Romance | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
If u really love that person, learn to wait. May be u r not ment to  be together today bt may be forever in feature...... Bt sometimes I felt that forever is not for every time in future.... The only feelings is that one day I'm the right girl of one right place and one right time.... And doesn  Read More...
Published on Apr 18,2020 09:45 PM
A woman's stain
By Shagun Singh in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0
Alarms wailed, sirens roared They kept aside mops Exited kitchen doors Closed laptops and adieu Skype calls Excused the history class . For emergency had struck Body-curfewd 5 days Brought close their bag Smuggled it out Looked left looked right  Slithered into front pocket . Full steam quaran  Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 07:10 PM