बेहतर है लौकडाउन
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
बेहतर है लौकडाउन क्यों घबरा रहे हैं लोग सोच के,फिर बढ़ा है लौकडाउनसमझने की बात है, हमारे स्वास्थ्य के लिए बेहतर है ल  Read More...
Published on May 18,2020 04:15 PM
Love is "the why of life."
By yogita in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
There is a Desire within each of us In the deep center of ourselves. No matter where we reach, what we do and what we become. This desire always across us We are often unaware of this,but it is always awake. Deep inside our heart . It is the human Desire of "LOVE"  Every person in this planet y  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 11:45 AM
If Clothes Could Speak
By Kamayani Joshi in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
  "   If clothes could speak ,     Nirbhaya got justice way before ,,     Then now  ,     When clothes couldn't ,,       No rapist can stay alive ,     Because clothes would be there ,,     To be the witness , &nbs  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 01:26 AM
One fine day
By Meenakshi vyas in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 1
Today , everything is fine  you're  here in front of me expecting my love thinking about the future regretting the past yes , the past which is not more than a nightmare when u ignored ignored me to enjoy alone made me feel hopeless when i was standing Standing in front of you  beggin  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 07:46 PM
Things I would do....
By smritee in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
Things I would do… Once this confinement is over… Few things that were cribbed about, would now be endeared on The vehicle engines revving on roads, would no longer be glared on Sitting in traffic blaring horns, would be a welcome change And being part of cacophony again, would no long  Read More...
Published on May 12,2020 12:10 AM
Iam cow anyone can cheat me
By muhammed akmal uh in General Literary | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
Once opon a time there was a boy eho lived ina village in paris he belongs to a small farmer  he was alwalys with cows and goats  he grows with cows only  and he grow up and he become a best farmer he got many money one day his friends cheat and stoll a large money of  lakhs . He  Read More...
Published on Aug 13,2020 01:58 PM
एक अनजाना सा रिश्ता
By Priti tiwari in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
           एक अनजाना सा रिश्ता यूँ तो उनसे रिश्ता मेरा खून का नहीं पर खून से बढ़कर है वो मेरे लिए   एक वक़्त था   Read More...
Published on Apr 18,2020 09:19 AM
बहुत शोर था समाज में
By Ashisha Singh Rajput in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 1
                         ।।  शोर वाला समाज ।। बहुत शोर था समाज में । क्रोध था सबकी आवाज़ में ।। सब एक दूसर  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 05:56 PM
The Love Of Yours
By Divya Dilip Shetty in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
No Scope For Hatred To Grow When Love Is Like A Snow, I Felt The Cool Breeze Of Yours When You Passed By My Soul, You Calm Down The Fire Of Mine With The Icy Love Of Yours, I Always Wonder, What If You Weren't The Part Of My Life ? How Could This Angry Bird Survive ?  Read More...
Published on May 29,2020 09:11 PM
Intelligently Happy
By Rashida Ezzy in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
I thought I was intelligent When I could cry and call my mom I thought I was intelligent When I could be my teachers pet But I didn't know I was intelligent Even when I shared my food with my friends!   I thought I was intelligent When I won my tic tac toes with father I thought I was intelli  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 01:13 PM
By Ananya Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
The nights were never ending, daytime felt like night.  I knew I was traumatized, was it justified, to jeopardize? I started wearing blues so they couldn't see me bleed.  Used to write it all, instead of cutting, still I felt good for nothing.  Suddenly suicide seemed like a rainbow a  Read More...
Published on Apr 9,2020 12:42 PM
When we were small
By Srishty Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
When we were small It never mattered how we smell We were more than skin deep when we heard someone weep We had nothing in ours minds Rather than just being kind Complexion meant colours Our figures meant shapes We shared chapaties we shared our grapes We didn't knew ego, all we said was sorry We be  Read More...
Published on May 6,2020 06:01 PM
Can We Back To The Normal Days?
By Manali Rana in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 1
Can we back to the normal days? When we longed for the holidays Going to College was boring af But was far better than this fudge Gone are the days  When we used to slay each day Pajamas are now outfit of everyday How our life became so basic No party, no outing, no travelling and everything  Read More...
Published on May 18,2020 10:31 PM
धुंद (fog)
By sahil bisht in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
हा देखा है मैंने  उसे  बारिश मे उस धुंद के बीच ना जाने कौनसा  चेहरा था  बैठा हुआ था दुकान के निचे कही मैं भीग ना   Read More...
Published on Apr 23,2020 07:42 PM
Accha chalta hu
By Deesha in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
Janaaze pe mai aaj Jo uth gayaa.. Meri zindagi ka parinda phadphadaakar udd gayaa.. Amma ne jab di mujhe awaaz.Sahabzaade Irfaan... Kahi choot sa gayaa Zindagi ka ehsaas..Mai ek adaakar tha jeene ke liye bekaar tha..Lava jaisaa junoon tha aur chattan jaisaa jazbaa tha...Mujhe yaad ker aankein namm n  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 02:02 AM