Aniruthan. C. D

Public speaker, creative writer, poet, English demon
Public speaker, creative writer, poet, English demon


Raging Plumes

Books by C. D. Aniruthan

Raging Plumes is to trace pace of human lives. Each and every plume flutters to expose a new world. In this new world each and every grass sings a poem. Words blended with rain shower from the sky and penetrates the ground. The thirsty roots of the grass observe the words and spreads the fragrance all over the world. This new world welcomes all the inhabitants of the earth with a warm heart. The Phoenix of this world punctures the human heart and brings out the d

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My Love in Void

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 161 | Likes: 2

No love so divine as mine, No light can expose my soul in thine. World owns worldly lover, His love eaten by fire in pyre. But mine the love of soul, Requires no body's role, Aquires the void whole. Neither the eagle nor the burning sun, Can spot either my soul or my love, For my love black and blan  Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 04:16 AM

The Power of Mind

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 171 | Likes: 1

Nay so mysterious than a human's brain Nay so powerful than his vibrating thoughts Can control a telestial Or even a celestial Can make you jovial Or moody for even a trivial The strongest magnet in earth Can attract whatever you will Feed the weapon with good Attract what you should Rest in home to  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 06:24 PM

The Cries From Dark

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 383 | Likes: 1

Sounds of foots in silent woods Nay sun or moon to chase chasing hounds Useless eyes sharpening ears In fear my skin pores cries A deserted place with soils so crude Watering earthworms to feed on my flesh Making my mind brood  My mother's face and all my lost childhood In fear calling every go  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 08:54 AM

The Divinity in Childishness

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 212 | Likes: 1

The child in my heart, created by the god Played in my mind, never worried hard Drinking my blood to build it's daily cheer Looking at all with a divine eye and ear Rolling here and there carrying my cells Never had any troubles playing with my child But as I grew, forced to accept the truth Of my u  Read More...

Published on Apr 15,2020 10:01 AM

'A to Z' poem

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 176 | Likes: 1

A life with unbelievable gifts But equally terrible drifts Cordial parents to lift Detached way yet I live Edible joys I am provided with Forced to spit out due to fate Good surrounding to habitate Horrible place percieves my brain Introvert I am always Jostling inner conflicts have I Kill  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 06:32 AM

The Last Farewell

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 463 | Likes: 14

Lying dead before me, Now his soul set free  Burning lamp in my mind.  Wished a lot, yes did I My grandfather in my lap,  Convey stories which he said once.  Like a child I prayed the muse, A day with him, a world with him To sing a lullaby for his endless sleep. Cruel time, mean  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 05:12 PM

The Secret

By Aniruthan. C. D in Poetry | Reads: 502 | Likes: 13

Science never true literature never new Yet needs years to prove Every poet wandering with his pen Searching here and there  For a thought to pen Trying to create new less he knew His spade in other's pit His mind in a complex web Never a ebb he drags all in his web Striving to place his wounde  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 04:16 PM

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