Lethal Intoxication


This story is about a drug addict named “Chetan” who lived in West Bengal. His father “Lajpat” was a small business man. His mother and younger brother were died in a flood. Chetan was an intelligent boy and he completed his engineering in Kolkata. After completing the engineering, a recession prevailed in world. Lajpat died because of this recession and Chetan’s job was terminated too. The situation indulge him in drug addiction through his friend “Abhimanyu”. Then Chetan moved to Chennai for forgetting his stress but there he rendered himself as pure drug addict. Afterwards he met a girl named “Richa”, they fall in love and because of Chetan’s addiction they are seperated. After that, his story became worse and worse. He faced lethal and grim phenomenon in his life. But they met after numerous troubles in their lives. This is a piquant story.

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