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Christine D'Sylva

Christine D’Sylva Lives in Navi, Mumbai. A former teacher, she is now a full time Home Maker. She is a mother of three daughters and has a pet golden retriever called Rex. She has travelled around the world but still loves India. Playing the piano is her most favourite hobby besides her love for reading (an insatiable reader who can’t resist a good book). “I have been writing all my life” she says. As a child, scribbling poems and stories was a pastime. Winning a prize in an essay competition at college made her realize she ought to take writing seriously. In her teens she wrote for publications like the Examiner, Treasure magazine, East Indian Journal and had a children’s page in Home life Magazine. Weary of the many books and films made to ridicule Christianity, she decided to write a book to make people aware of this age old religion that has survived so many centuries.

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