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Ishita Bansal

Ishita Bansal, 16, is a teenager usually grappling with her life to manage things and time. But, she is currently a high school senior with significant knowledge and interest in STEM. She is probably exploring nature as a wanderer when she is not writing or finding answers to her physics problems. But, not long ago, she came across an idea to bring her storytelling skills in front of the world. So here is her first book, just like her, an elegant mystery.Read More...


Hunt For The Missing Treasure

Books by Ishita Bansal

Bran and Flamy, two seven-year-old kids and best buddies, spend their weekend together at Bran's house, where they curiously hunt for the treasure. But somehow, it went missing, and now there was a stack of questions in front of them. Who stole it? Was it there or not? And many more. Finally, they could catch hold of the thief and visit the giant chocolate factory.

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