Indie Author Championship #6

Rajnish Rao, Vivek Rao

RAJNISH RAO is a graduate in Digital Communication, who is a video editor by profession and has been working in the film and TV industry since 2014 in Mumbai. He has done many hit music videos, web series, TV commercials, TV shows, documentary, etc. VIVEK RAO is a Post Graduate in English Literature who has directed TV shows, TV commercials, films, documentaries, etc. He has been based in Mumbai for more than one decade. He has directed more than 1000 episodes of popular TV shows.Read More...

The Everest Will

Books by Rajnish Rao, Vivek Rao

Crossing vast mountain ranges of the Everest, a diehard and cold-blooded pack of Chinese assassins take the journey to earn a fortune by massacring the royal family of Ramnagar Kingdom, India. In their deceitful mission, they unknowingly challenge Daksh, a native boy, who takes up a journey to cross the Everest to enter the legendary kingdom of dragons. The enemies are invincible, but his longing soul and passionate heart are unstoppable.

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