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Rao V.B.J. Chelikani

A quiet crusader for socio-economic democracy, Venkata Bhusura Jagannadha Rao Chelikani, has worked for over 2 decades to shape the resident welfare associations in India into what they are now coming to be accepted as the fourth tier of self-governance in Indian polity.His long association with the UNESCO, Paris for well over three decades exposed him to the social realities of the world. He chose to dedicate his life post-retirement, in setting up and running several civil society organisations in Hyderabad including the International Foundation of Human Development (IFHD), the Standing CommRead More...


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Civics of Human Relations

Books by Rao V.B.J. Chelikani

If you have ever wondered about human nature, values, migrations, identities, loyalties, inequalities, dialogues & decisions, participation, cultures and their reconciliation, this book is for you. The simplest question posed across these essays is: how can we further improve human relations, as well as human development? The author opines that had the social institutions been built on the basis of economic and cultural bonds, whose functioning demands mut

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