Dr. Sukhi Ram Rawat


Dr. Sukhi Ram Rawat is a retired Principal from the Department of School Education, Haryana, India. Previously, in his literary career, he wrote several masterpieces in Hindi, but for many years now he has switched over to writing in English to extend his acceptability and recognition globally. He lives in Palwal, Haryana (India). He can be contacted at: sukhiram.rawat@gmail.com


The Iron Will of Vishvamitra is based on a creative interpretation of the causes and effects of two mythological water-wars fought during the Rigvedic period on the banks of the rivers Ravi and Yamuna. This book tells the reader that when natural water resources are exploited forcibly and unreasonably, without caring for environment and agriculture, a fierce struggle breaks out between the rival claimants. Nature plays havoc with the perpetrator as well as the sufferer. The perpetrator’s greed and avarice bring about the doom of the good and the bad alike. When exploitation and misuse of natural water ...

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