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Vamsidhar Chaturvedula

Dr. Vamsidhar Chaturvedula holds a bachelor’s in dental surgery and a master’s in clinical research. Vamsi began his writing as a hobby almost a decade back, and the archives can be found at http://www.convenientkarma.blogspot.in. He also published his collection of poems (in Telugu), Antarpadham (antar, inward; and padham, path), of which several were also published in well-known magazines. As a person, he loves to explore people, places, passions, perspectives and philosophies from the lens of purpose and the paradox they bring along.   Vamsi lives in Bangalore with his wife and 8-yRead More...

Fight Story

Books by Vamsidhar Chaturvedula

“Who do you think you are? A monster slayer or a god? And why do you think people listen to monster-slayers or gods? It’s because they fear them more than the monsters themselves.”

“People won’t fear me. I am not you.”

“And you think it’s up to you to decide that? It’s the people we’re talking about. Gods and monsters—these are just different names people give to justify their clinging to something higher, to hide their inhe

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