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Vikram M N

Like any other debutant author, Vikram M N too has been fiddling with the idea of writing a novel for long. But due to various so-called life commitments such as watching movies, reading books, listening to music, travelling, and yes of course, working once in a while, the author couldn’t accomplish the task of completing the novel for a long time. It took him two years to write and one more year to publish. The author is just like any other youth born in a middle-class family, with no real inspiration for anything in life. What started off as writing made-up stories for detailed answers in geography, writing his own version of World War for history, and needless to say writing a whole story as a conversation in Dialogue writing in English, transitioned to some short stories for the Office Bulletin Board and writing reviews in his personal blog. Both, can be accessed at constantscribbles.wordpress.com After much scribbling, he has finally completed a novel, Neha – Yet Another Love Story, and that’s what you are about to read.

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